Cold Case Radiator Failure - Update


G-Body Guru
Sep 6, 2020
So whats a good alternative? Thinking about a new radiator but also want electric fans too.
Oct 14, 2008
SO, I guess I should NOT go with Cold Case for now both the '70 and '88. I am putting the '88 back together now that it has cooled off here. I need a good radiator for the 455 in the '88. And I will also need a good rad for the 455 that will be in the '70...
Do some trimming to fit the A body radiator in your G body. I went for this one. Unfortunately I won't test it till Summer. It looks really nice and had good reviews on EBay.
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Royal Smart Person
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Dec 7, 2007
Not for nothing, but everything is in short supply these days. I bought a Cold Case Rad and it took months to get it to me.

The lack of communication (however that went down) should be addressed, but it sounded like they were legit going to swap out a 2 year old rad for the $40 shipping fee.

Sounds like they're trying to do the right thing. Maybe there's none in stock. I ordered a Milodon Windage tray for my 455 in JUNE. Still on backorder. I blame the COOF!

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