Door hard to close with windows up


Aug 19, 2021
You can go to Gbody They used to sell a book How to Eliminate Window Rattles and Wind Noise by Peter Serio. It's a step by step orderly window adjustment manual. If they don't carry it anymore I have one I'll sell.

As to your issue, when I had my '84 Cutlass coupe I found out there's about 18 or so adjustments on these windows. When you move one that "upsets" another one. It takes lots of patience & occasionally walking away from it to get it. Getting new weather stripping always seems to cause these issues. Before I sold my car, I never solved a wind noise issue on my right door glass where the glass meets the top of the door at the door front. I had my doors off once to repaint the jams & I think the right one wasn't put on quite right.

One tip if you're having wind noise is to duck tape off that door frame vent, put your fan on high, close the door & spray soapy water around the glass. Bubbles will tell you where a leak is.

Good luck; these window adjustments are a royal pain in the *ss. You're not the first person who has to have a window slightly down to shut the door without slamming it.
I’m new to the forum. I have an 87 Monte Carlo that needs windows adjusted. Do you still have the book for sale?

Doug Chahoy

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Nov 21, 2016
Have you simply tried taking the door jam vents out and see if the problem still exists. Are all of your dash vents in the open position? Since they’re also part of the system GM first called Astro Ventilation back in the 60s


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May 6, 2015
I cleared out the vents and this made the issue better. Then I changed the upper weather stripping. In the process started to adjust the window, I have had the book mentioned for a few years and was using it. Currently in a state of the door is apart, mirror off and fixing it while I am in there, and not having enough time to complete it due to other task going on. When I have a few hours to put everything back together I will know if it is all solved.
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