Electric Vacuum Pump Install - Brakes Work Again


Aug 8, 2011
Do you use that only for the brakes and not for crankcase fumes evacuation?
I use that one only for brakes which is what it was designed for, the upper part of the picture shows part of my Moroso crankcase vacuum pump.
Here is a better view of where both vacuum pumps are mounted.
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Jan 14, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Thanks for posting this solution. I also installed a vacuum reserve tank only, and although it improved my braking a lot, it still isn't enough, especially as I come to a complete stop. I think I'll need a vacuum pump too.

From your pics, it looks like you plumbed the vacuum hose from the pump to the check valve on the tank, then from the tee fitting on the tank to the check valve on the booster, without a pressure switch anywhere. Do I have that right?
There is an integrated pressure switch on the vacuum pump that regulates pressure to around 20” of vacuum. The kit included a tee fitting and check valve that I didn’t use. I routed the line from the pump to the reservoir which has a check valve on it, then from the reservoir directly to the brake booster. The pump only runs the brakes, I did not connect it to engine vacuum and plugged the large port on the back of the Holley carburetor.
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