Fuel tank differences/interchange



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Oct 25, 2019
Yes, thats what I did. Its silver soldered. I was afraid of blowing up with the old tank so i filled it full of water and used a grinder to cut the old neck out and an inch or so around the neck of the tank itself. I then put it on the bench vise and heated it up and pulled it out.

I brought the new GN tank and old GM GP neck to a local rad shop and paid them $20 to solder it.
My first truck, an '88 Chebby, suffered from a leaky rotted tank. After I replaced the tank I tried lighting the old one up but, with 1/8 of a tank, it wouldn't go. I'm guessing there was no oxygen in there to support combustion. Probably for the best.


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Mar 31, 2006
Kitchener, Ontario
They have small ones for Walbro pumps, but I wanted to see if they work from someone that used it. They're $155 and I ain't got that just to throw around, but I'd consider it if it works or on a new build. The slosh issue seems less on my 67 442 that has a Spectre EFI tank in it as opposed to the factory design Monte I have in the Bonneville.
we used foam in our fuel cell in the race car to prevent the fuel from sloshing around...

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