G-Body rear ends


Goat Herder
Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
Very surprising that nothing in this brochure can be easily adapted. Tons of S10 and blazer 10-bolt 8.5 to be had, rebuilt and warranted for under $2k on Jegs.

Anything can be modified with a welder and some parts. But that requires some engineering, time, tools and skills. I'm not saying or holding anything against those that buy bolt in parts, but a lot of guys don't have all of the prerequisites to 'build' and adapt a rear. If you put a value on your time, and it's not limitless, then the bolt in setups start looking a lot better.

I have an Explorer 8.8 in my car that I have less than $1300 of bought parts in. But that's narrowed with 9" wheel ends, truss kit with adjustable arms, spool and 35 spline axles. All in with the junkyard rear is well under $1600. Now let's talk time - easily 40 hours.

Pick your poison and to each their own. If I was to buy a bolt in axle, it would be a Strange S60. If I had to do another one though, I'd be at the junkyard grabbing another Explorer rear as long as I have the time. And I understand completely that everyone doesn't have the time.
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