General observation: Regal (all) > Cutlass (all) > Monte CL/LS > Monte SS

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Feb 18, 2014
Curious of those who have worked on multiple gbodies how you rank them. Yes, Prix unranked due to too much time since working on one, and limited camino/malibu style experience.

I now recall why I virtually never bought SS parts cars - the Monte SS has to be THE worst laid out for assembly and fasteners of ANY gbody... again, opinions withheld on the bu/camino/gp.

Some heads point one way, others point another, all seemingly laid out to be the worst access angle.

I'm very, VERY tempted to just Sawzall the nose off through the fenders. 30 seconds of zip zip and done, I'm just loathe to ruin a pair of rust free although needing dent repair gm fenders.

My goal has been to save every piece salvageable, and thus far, had been working admirably. But these front and rear bumpers? Sheer lunacy. I worked through the odd mirror stud angles, the ridiculous gauge cluster that requires partial disassembly of the lens and sealed unit to remove the surround trim... no other gbody I've worked on has been purposefully designed to be such a PITA.

Anyone else notice this as well?
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