Hemmings article: Did GM Really Sell Specially Equipped Buick Grand Nationals to the FBI?


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Sep 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Here in AZ the Highway Patrol have Hellcat Chargers and Challengers to catch the fast guys. The Law Enforcement also uses a few different new style fast cars ( Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers and Chargers) as decoy vehicles to entice you to race them.

Also, I remember a guy in about 1990 who just moved from Hawaii who told me the Highway Patrol there used some GN. The conversation came up when we got one in the body shop we were working at. When I lived in CA in the 80's, the Highway Patrol used Fox Body Mustangs. They didn't look near as cool when they when they were behind you while parked on the side of the freeway.


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Jan 2, 2006
A very wise man nicknamed "Dirty Harry" once said: "Opinions are like *ssh*les, everybody has one!" I give no opinion, I suggest reading the article on Hemmings, website, unless that's something too difficult for you!
Why u so butthurt? Don't tell me you believe that crap?

I read it. Then I posted my response to the hyped-up story that holds no water. I don't really care what anyone else's opinion is on it, because that BS story hasn't changed much over the years. Still don't buy any of it. I honestly thought that old yarn had died years ago. Not ONE shred of actual real evidence or paperwork was ever provided or produced to show any hint of that story being true. Why did you even post it if you didn't want anyone to comment/opine?
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Jul 26, 2013
This story came up on TurboBuick.com a few years ago. Someone there actually claimed to have a poster from the Connecticut State Police, and maybe he could make copies if people expressed interest. Put up a claimed snapshot of the poster, a snapshot I found elsewhere on the Net. People expressed interest. Somehow, copies of the poster never materialized. The story faded back into the murk from which it had emerged.
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Oct 14, 2008
That is a good article. They basically even say it highly unlikely and very hard to prove. I was impressed with all the extras Dodge put on the 82 Diplomat we owned, a decommissioned police cruiser over a regular car. It had the 360 heads and 4 barrel Thermoquad, almost no other 318 came with the 4bbl in those years, huge alternator, I believe 120 amp, also a power steering and auxiliary trans cooler. It would bury 200 km/hr speedometer, yes we tried it😁. Not fast off the line but very easy to speed, cruising down the road.


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Feb 18, 2014
My .02 from my turbobuick days....

* Some cars were definitely bought by police departments at the state level. Others that were siezed were used instead of auctioned. I've seen a couple in person with documentation. Those didn't appear to be anything outside normal options anyone could order.

* I've heard of fbi used cars, but, never anything about mechanical/drivetrain mods made by gm. Never saw one in person, but was shown photos of one in an old chat room run off tb.com 20 years back. That said, could easily have been fake.

* Personally, I find much more interesting the cars the dept of energy ordered and had converted into methanol-only fuel test vehicles to examine viability of running without gasoline as alternate fuel source.
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Mar 30, 2012
West Michigan
And my .02 cents from the world of automotive engineering…..

A work colleague of mine was a program manager at GM in the 80’s and worked directly on the Buick turbo program. He often drove program vehicles and has some interesting stories about how he was caught by a superior having a little too much fun in a turbo Regal on I275 and then was later disciplined. He also confirmed that the government did buy a certain number of turbo Buicks. They were not grand nationals, had column shift with bench seats and we’re painted various colors. He had no reason to make this story up and wasn’t the kind of guy to try and BS you so personally I believe there is some truth to it.


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Jul 14, 2015
They were Turbo-T's in un-assuming colors. I remember seeing pictures a long time ago where someone was doing a restoration and all the holes drilled and left over wiring made people believe that's what it was. It was years ago.

Not sure why some of you crap on the story.

I'll poke around and see if I can find anything.
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Sep 5, 2019
Crap on the story or call-out some of the info mentioned?

Did gov agencies get these cars for gov use? Sure. Did they get specially calibrated chips & such? Not so much...

I had an government car. It was a '93 5.0 Mustang Coupe x-DPS pursuit car & it came w/the under-hood 'Special Service' ID tag identifying it was a trooper car. It had the floor-pan reinforcements that these cars came with, single key for doors/trunk w/the trunk release mounted in view on the drivers side vs being in the glove box, plus a gazillion holes drilled in the console/dash where the computer & various cop-car stuff was mounted. Manual windows/locks. 5.0/5spd w/the silicone hoses. Certified calibrated 160mph speedo. It had just a tick over 100k on it when I bought it w/a decent cheap re-spray to all white (w/red interior). Fun car. I never tested accuracy to 160 though.

Again.... It came w/the special ID tag under the hood that verified it was purpose built to be used by the SHP.
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