Ignition Control Module (aftermarket)

Oct 14, 2008
Since HEI is electronic, you really should use carbon core suppression wires to avoid EMI and RFI in the electronics, especially if you are running CCC or EFI. Spiral core stuff generally costs more yet does a much poorer job of suppressing EMI with no ignition improvement. The ignition enegry travels through the magnetic field around the wire.

Coil in cap ignition coils are a compromised design. In order to fit in the tight space inside the cap, they have to use thin windings and insulation which makes them weak. Not to mention being in cap results in them retaining more heat which promotes coil overheating which aggavates the thin windings and insulation. There is a reason for remote coil conversions.
True on the coil but for some reason the GM small on trucks, what we mostly saw, tended to really corrode on the caps. We always used the brass terminal Blue Streak caps in the shop I worked at years ago. Everything has their negatives.
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Jan 18, 2018
If you use good stock parts it’ll be fine. I’ve done the whole ignition change to aftermarket parts on a working ignition and it improved nothing. Granted if the plugs are worn or the components are old there’ll be an improvement. I’ve even upgraded from an msd 6al box on my almost 880 hp race car the 7al2-plus and a pro power coil. Basically going from a street strip ignition to a full face setup and gained ZERO. Keep your plug gaps small and maintain the parts and your stock ignition will be fine.
For a race car, you may need a better coil if it cannot charge and discharge the windings fast enough to keep up with the rpm. This is more important than voltage rating
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abbey castro

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Oct 31, 2015
Harker Hts TX
Most of the claimed better performance and mileage products don't work as claimed. Daily drivers work best with daily driver parts. But.. if you got $$$$ to have the aftermarket module that you'll never feel the difference on go ahead. Its fun to have the parts that no one sees! I got some myself. Got a drive shaft loop on my SS that has never or will never go to a track. But it looks pretty. Good luck.


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Oct 10, 2020
thanks everyone for the feedback

after swapping plugs/using low resistance wires / replacing ignition control module car runs wwwaayyy better

my car would randomly cut off while driving, last thing i changed was the control module. mystery solved

i’m happy the way it is now!
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