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Jul 19, 2009
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I've recommended Jeg's G-body dual exhaust conversion kits in the past. I noticed Summit now sells a nearly-identical kit. My kit is still in the box after a number of years, but installation is imminent. I looked at the kit instructions for both Jeg's and Summit and discovered that both kits have Monte-Carlo-style exits under the rear bumper. I am unsure if this design will work on my wagon due to the tire well and fuel tank.

I was searching for kits for another project, and tracked down Hearthtrob exhaust in Minnesota. Mike exchanged a few emails with me and I learned that Hearthrob designed the dual kit. He claims they used to make the Jeg's kit, then Jeg's reverse-engineered the system and it is now made in the Far East. However, Heartthrob still makes the Summit kit. Full mandrel bends. Unsure of fit-up, but I recommend those considering the conversion consider Made in the USA if they have the choice...

Finally, I asked Mike if he can make mandrel-bent behind-the-wheel (stock) tailpipes to retrofit the Jeg's kit I already have. I want the slash cut exhaust tips with one little flat on the top, just like the General made thirty years ago. He says he can make anything if I am willing to prototype them and send them to him to model and program into his benders. He says 2-piece tailpipes will be cheaper to ship, so I will have to see where the bend goes, and whether I can cut the Jeg's pipe and just weld a different extension on it. Maybe Summit would then offer both versions for sale.

So, I would be interested to now if anyone else would be interested in such a pair of pipes. Should fit all G-bodies, sedan, coupe, wagon, and Elky.


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Jul 17, 2007
I run Heartthrob on my car for I think 5 years now. Great fit, good price good to deal with


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Feb 16, 2009
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Id like a 3" system (like pypes) but in mild steel and BOP style behind the rear wheels. Nobody else makes a 3" mandrel kit.

I've got a 3" single shot 4th gen kit in my firebird and like it. Went there expecting a kit to be on hand but they didnt have one. Literally bent one while I waited and out the door. Was very affordable too. Just basic aluminized but its 5-6 years old now and has been in quite a bit of snow/salt. Very little if any surface rust.

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