1. CrammerGram69

    LeMans /Grandam Landau trim

    Complete trim from my '78 Pontiac grand LeMans. Will not fit GP. I think only grand Am or LeMans. Comes with clips, trim pieces, screws... No breaks in the aluminum trim. $250 + s/h. Money order or cashier's check. No time wasters. Thanks.
  2. CrammerGram69

    '78 Grand LeMans PARTING! SOLD!

    '78 Grand LeMans with a Landau top, Factory 1978 ONLY white interior! with factory buckets, 1978 only tilt column, A/C car (missing Comp w/lines) only have eng brackets, SBC 305/th350. The Landau trim minus Exterior Triangle Trim SOLD! I am located in SW, Michigan. Money order, Cashier's check...
  3. CrammerGram69

    NOS Pontiac Console (Not mine) eBay find.

    I Was scrolling eBay Looking for a 1978-81 Pontiac "Arrow" Hood Ornament (PM me if you have one) and found this, More than a Once in a lifetime find! I have seen other ones go up to $5-600 NOS. Usually without the Carpet...
  4. Zone_4_Lanlord

    Whats the best brake upgrade when using stock spindle?

    I have already bought brand new spindles, so i do not want to have to buy them again to do blazer upgrade. With that being said, which direction should i go when upgrading front brakes using the stock spindle. Minimum rim size will not be a problem, i have big wheels.
  5. Zone_4_Lanlord

    a/c blows hard on cold, but barely blows on hot

    My a/c blow hard with them temp selector on cold, but when i switch to heat it barely blows. Whats the cause of this? If its on heat, the more i move it to cold, the harder it blows. The heat is hot it just barely coming out of the vents. All vacuum lines are fixed, everything else works. it...
  6. CrammerGram69

    Bench seat covers?

    Are there any Bench seat Saddle or Blanket covers on the web that work with our cars? Looking for one to go into my 1979 LeMans. If i remember correctly my Seat is like this one should be a 50/50 split. just basically looking to cover up the old ones If i run dry on Cash to Redye/Upholster the...
  7. IMG_20160816_133135.jpg


    Project chicks
  8. Soderlund416

    New to the forum, just bought my second G-Body

    Hey guys, Figured I would say Hi. I just bought my second G-body car that I have owned, and have some cool plans for this one. My first car I got back in high school and it was my first car. It was a 1987 Pontiac Grand Prix. It was a factory V8 car and a ton of fun for a high school kid who...
  9. 86 Chevy El Camino SS

    1988 Pontiac Safari "B" body wagon for sale

    Happy holidays, Was not sure what thread to post this in, but decided to post it here in General. Found this B body wagon at a trans shop in Fredericksburg Va. From what I can tell at a cursory glance, it looks to be in fairly good shape on the outside. Inside did not look bad either. Didn't...
  10. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.2)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.2)

    Index / TOC
  11. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.3)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.3)

    Facts & Figures: Grand Prix
  12. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.6)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.6)

    Facts & Figures: LeMans
  13. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.7)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.7)

    Facts & Figures: Grand Am
  14. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.10)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.10)

    Facts & Figures: Wagons
  15. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.11)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.11)

    Steering Wheels, wheels, and wheel cover options.
  16. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (back)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (back)

  17. 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix

    1981 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Get the mileage of a Datsun without having to drive one.
  18. 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

    1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Grand new looks. Grand new luxury. Grand new Prix.
  19. 1979 Pontiac Grand Prix

    1979 Pontiac Grand Prix

    You'll find something new to love every time you drive it.

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