Lets hear your long term, forgotten, amd interrupted projects...


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Feb 18, 2014
Back when I was in my early 20s I used to laugh to myself when talking to other car guys and hearing about some basketcase they started, and never finished.

Fast forward a couple decades.... I'm guilty. Including a project I was just starting while laughing with a guy about his 58 corvette that was literally mostly in boxes for over a decade.

Things I need to get back to?

1983 Regal - start date: 1999. Body was prepped, ready for paint. All chrome and trim was nos. Then it stalled. I haven't even laid eyes on it in years.

1983 Regal (#2) - start date: 2000. it's a 45k mile car that's covered in cardboard sheets and then sat buried under a pile of spare parts, hasn't moved since 2002, looked at it... probably 3 or 4 years ago. Needed front brakes and something engine related sorted out.

1987 suburban v10 4x4 - started 2004. It was ready for some tcase work and good to go, but was broken into, vandalized, and stolen in 2018. Now it needs a bit of everything. Again.

1979 c10 dz302 - started 2006. Needed rust work, was about ready for paint. Also stolen in 2018, basically a Vin and parts now.

1985 firebird - started 2010. Had the gm paint defect finally take hold, and was redone. Suffered a setback with a towing hook was improperly placed and tore the underbody. Been on blocks 3 feet in the air most recently since 2019 untouched.

2016 mustang - started 2020. Got a BIG pile of parts and new takeoffs for it, just haven't done anything to it.

Those are mine that aren't actively worked on. Obviously my 77 c10 farm truck has been underway, or the 2014 mustang, other goodies, so on so forth. But as you can see I've got a collection on blocks I need to somehow get back to.


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Jan 4, 2009
Wellston, OK
'78 Malibu 2 door wagon. Started 2015. Had 2 different donor coupe deals fall through while in progress. Went to the lean-to beside the wellhouse in 2017-ish, still lives there while seeking donor parts/car. malibu coupes have gotten stupid spendy in these parts.

Recently found the "perfect" donor, but yikes, the price.

Don't really want the chassis, and he doesn't want to separate it from the chassis


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Jun 27, 2013
My ‘80 has been in my three stall garage / workshop for past 22 years and off the road since 1991. I got married and we bought an old house (that needed a lot of work), started a family and all that stuff. The car has had the body off the frame, entire floor replaced and complete suspension redo. The drivetrain is a rebuilt Olds 350 / 700R4 trans and 3:73 gears in the tail. Plans to start prepping for paint very soon and get her back on her wheels in the next couple years, painted or not. I want to drive it again.


Sep 18, 2009
Queens, NY
I have a 1968 Firebird convertible. I got in a three way swap and I have been holding on to it for over 30 years. Life, kids, work, old parents, deaths, you name it have conspired against me. I finally have a 455 4/speed that runs in it, mainly because I am too old to be pushing it around manually. Maybe this year I can do those rusted floors................ :mrgreen:


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Sep 4, 2020
My 64 chevelle Malibu SS I've kept it for that father son kind of build but my dad passed away in April last year and it's been sitting in my uncle's garage since getting painted and needs re assembling. I've been busy helping my mom with her husband as he's going through kemo for stage 4 lung cancer and needs help moving around so every thing is on the back burner these days, monte carlo still waiting, cutlass still waiting and the caprice is just doing kid pick up after school


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Apr 23, 2009
Greensboro, NC
#1) 82 regal coupe- bought somewhere around late 2001/early 2002 for $500 with a 305 already dropped in it-originally a no frills car (only options were a/c and am/fm radio). DD for a couple years, then got a smaller car for a DD, and pulled off the road. project started as a "prep for paint" before the "while I'm here" sickness developed... dad always asked what kind of progress I'd made on it, up until he passed in 2009. thinking it'll get shuffled back to the front of the line this year, as I'm realizing with the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, that time is slipping by... want to get it done for dad.

#2) 82 regal wagon- bought off fleabay a couple years ago, dragged a couple hundred miles home, and found the floors were worse off than originally thought... been in parts scavenging mode for a bit now, but will probably shuffle backwards inline for now.

#3) 86 cutlass salon- bought this car probably around 7 years ago from one of my customers, with a seized engine. replaced crank and bearings while he tried to contact the person he got it from to correct the title... no luck, and I don't have the desire to do the all the headache inducing footwork trying to obtain one. thinking it may become a donor car if a certain deal comes about...

#4) 87 Grand prix (Chief Sh**ting Bull)- don't know if this classifies in this thread, due to the fact that it is registered and driving, but still needs enough to classify it as a project that hasn't had the items worked on yet...NCTYPHOON gave me the needed metal repair section I need for the biggest part of the repair list, just haven't gotten around to it yet... plans are coming into motion to get the Chief further along this year...


Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
I have never had a stillborn or terminated project. However, I do have a tendency to get things "finished" and then break them. Put them into the backburner for years (TBSS and my Monte) or parting them out/selling broken (Z28, B4C, '79 Malibu, and my turbo Dodge).

I tend to finish everything I start. I've "built" three running cars in the last 8 years.

I think I have a problem.


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Feb 25, 2005
Inola, OK
*looks around at pretty much everything*

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