Little Mechanics 1978 Malibu Wagon

O. D. Showtime

O. D. Showtime

Comic Book Super Hero
Feb 6, 2009
Regina Sask. Canada
Welcome aboard! Wagon looks good.

As a father that has done a father/son Gbody build, the time spent together is something I will cherish forever as I'm sure my son will.

Will be watching for updates.


Comic Book Super Hero
Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Very cool!

I started with my oldest around age four (almost 6 now) with the concept of: I need your help.

Meaning they were instrumental to my success... I cannot wait until it is reversed and they have the lead and I am the one supporting.

My wife has given the green light on finding our girls their project cars. Helps when your spouse is onboard.

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