BUILD THREAD Low low cost build


G-Body Guru
Jul 30, 2014
South Central Pa
Let's break down the the main parts to buy.

Car(with complete "usable" interior)? Running and driving?
Engine/trans (In your possession or must buy?)
Wheels/Tires (In your possession or must buy?)
The 8 million other parts that will nickel and dime you to death

Unless you want a stripped out, no interior, racecar G-bodies have left the budget realm of builds unless you are lucky on Facebook/Craigslist or will settle with a more door.

Buying a finished car will always be cheaper. Building a G-body is about the love and not crying when you spend all that money for a car that would sell for half of what it cost to build if you don't write off your "free" labor.
Don't let my wife see this......
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