LSX G-body Swap Write Up



G-Body Guru
Jul 24, 2009
Sugar Grove IL/ Chicago
Just adding to the sticky, after going through the whole thread I don't think I read any mention about having a/c. I'm many have seen the common R4 style comperssor mounted on the top part on the engine using aftermarket brackets, and using factory lines from a 307 olds engine. But some have wondered about having a compressor down below in the factory location. In the beginning some would say that wasn't possible because the factory ac bracket would hit the frame or you would have to notch the frame, but nowadays it's very possible to have the factory compressor mounted in the stock location by modifying the factory ac bracket to fit without having to notch the frame. Also you can buy aftermarket ac brackets and smaller comperssor, and still have it mounted in the stock location without having to notch the frame. I just thought I would add this to the sticky for some who didn't know.

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