Many interior questions 1979 Malibu

Not the correct pattern for 79

The B pillars are reproduced as a compromise between the 2 different non-Lamdau versions. but no personal experience with them. Based on the repro package tray ends, I wouldn't expect them to be great. YMMV
Are any of those colors correct?
Are any of those colors correct?
All of the production parts were molded in color. The OE service parts were usually only offered in 1 or 2 colors after production ended and the leftovers were used up from production. As an example, the A pillars came in dark blue only when last available.

The materials used throughout the interior reacted to sun (UV) exposure in differnet ways over the years, and it's rare to find one today where the interior pieces are not multiple shades of the base color

IMO, best bet is to buy the best condition original pieces you can find, and refinish to whatever color you need....just as would have been done when the car was a few years old

I believe all the repros are made in black, and painted for the other choices...that was the case with the repro package tray ends I bought. Buyiing them already painted may or may not result in the "correct" color. The package tray I bought (in the color the vendor said was right) needed to be refinished to match the OE parts I had

Unfortunately. these are not 67-69 Camaros or 70-72 Chevelles. so the aftermarket isn't very interested in spenging the money to make them right, as many buyers are just happy to be able to buy something close since original stuff is very hard to source
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I’m looking to replace the parts but same color as it is
I agree with Ribbedroof. Find clean original pieces and spray them all the correct color. It might take you a while but I think you can find the stuff in time. A friend of mine has owned a 79 Camaro since 1980. He has the same color interior. Over the years everything faded into different colors. Some were dull blue, light gray, it was a mess. Then he bought repro rear panels and they came black.
I had him get a quart if SEM Color Coat matched to the back of the right side kick panel. I sprayed close to 25 pieces for him. He was very happy with the results. He bought new PUI door panels. I did the headliner trim, kick panels, rear panels, seat trim. It looks pretty fresh. This is the only picture I have but you get the idea.

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