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abbey castro

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Oct 31, 2015
Harker Hts TX
Sorry not an LS, just a 350 Crate ZZ4 with Cowl Induction system. Q-Jet equipped (No TURBO, Bottle, Supercharger or Rodents in a circular cage) This makes my 57,689th try at winning one of these contests! If you vote for me I promise to:
1. Eliminate all Emission Testing (Except Canada)
2. Lower Insurance Cost to include towing (Except Canada)
3. Remove all annual state registration fees and inspections (Except Canada)
4. Fund all G-Body projects that are over 39 years old (Rivieras are not G Body) Intended for the guy that thinks 90's Rivieras are G Bodies (World wide)
5. Help you out to finish your long term unfinished restoration or getting it fixed to drive (World wide but prefer Italy, Spain, Greece, French Med Coast, Australian coastal cities)
6. Send a note to your significant other since she moved you out to the garage asking her to forgive you for all the wasted money dumped into a car that isn't worth much no matter how much you put into
7. Pray that your College bound kids get a full scholarship since you spent all their college funds in the G-Body that again is not worth much.
8. Remove requirements of having a front license plate on all cars since it looks really bad. (Ruins the look of my RS6)


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Sep 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Plain and simple.


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Feb 2, 2015
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sure, why not. Olds 455…

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