Monte SS T-Top questions



Jun 24, 2018
Hey everyone, hopefully someone here has done what I am in the middle of doing right now -- which is T-top restoration.

It started as a simple weatherstrip replacement, but you know what that most likely uncovers these days--rust.

Mine wasn't too bad, but I had to replace the passenger side rear weatherstrip retainer, which was kind of a pain in the ass. I also had to fabricate a small driver side front retainer piece; for the left drivers side weatherstrip retainer (which was where I had water leaking in for years by the driver side A-pillar). I also had to weld in some small sections on the roof that where rusted out. That's all done.

From here I have a few Questions:

1) There was a bunch of foam strips and rubber pads on the top under the T-top plates and center plate - does anyone know where I can find that? I'm guessing some type of 3M foam tape and stick rubber pads of some sort.

2) For the butyl caulk, should I buy a few packs of 3M 08578 Black 1' Strip Calk, or is there a good butyl caulk anyone can recommend in a caulk gun tube?

3) Does anyone know what kind of paint was used there? I'm looking to just epoxy coat the whole top, then paint with a SS Urethane.

Any help is appreciated; I'll get some pictures if needed.
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