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Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
I have a '70 L48 350 & using a MSD cap & rotor set, Street Fire wires, AC Delco 41833 platinums. Plus I got my classic Mallory HEI coil.
I saw these but it kept saying “NOT A FIT” even though it says on the item it is. Just a mental thing, ended up going with ACCEL after reading some decent reviews. My cutty is going to be low n slow anyway 😁

Thanks brotha! 🤜🤛
You have a Supreme, NOTHING after market fits those cars. Hell GM still can't figure out how they got those parts they used to fit. ;)
Clone TIE Pilot

Clone TIE Pilot

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Aug 14, 2011
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Going to be tuning up the 87 Cutty. What’s the best suggestion for plugs and wires and caps/rotors.

The SBC’s can be notoriously temperamental right now I’m going AC Delco but any suggestions on the best plugs? I’m running R45TS on my 64 Chevy smallblock, how do the g body 305’s do with these hotter plugs? Are they compatible?

Also cap and rotor I’m thinking MSD. Any thoughts?

I’m an Impala SS owner btw. If you want to see real trauma go to impalassforum, those cars are beyond “special”

Any advice let me know! Thanks forum

The R45TS is the stock plugs for 83 and 84 MCSS with stock .045 gap. However, this does tax the stock in cap coil, which is why later MCSS use colder plugs and smaller gaps to help prevent coil burnout. In cap coils are not as robust as external coils. I have been running R45TS with .045 gaps in my 1986 HO 305 without issue. It seems to even prefer them over the factory R43TS for that year.
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olds307 and 403

olds307 and 403

Oct 14, 2008
Is this an Olds 307 or sbc 305?

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