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Oct 24, 2017
Red Deer AB
Time for my update, and time to get ready for work.

So went in and picked up a set of water pump gaskets as both my junkyard donors had rough looking gaskets, The dealer had them in stock.

Got back to the garage and set to work. Water pump was quickly installed with new gaskets and rad set back into it's home. Then I got after the wiring, traced all the wires I needed to re-purpose and break out of the harness. Since I had to take out the cluster I need to create a new solution for the signals, high beam indicator and fuel gauge. I then found the starter wire and backup light wire and wired them into the supplied shifter switches from B&M. Tested them out and put the dash and my floor shift MCSS steering column in.

At this point I was getting antsy about firing it up.

I put the engine harness back together, put the plugs back in and double checked the essentials.

I had been just plugging the ECM into the factory fuse block up until now to get IGN power to fire it up, so I plugged it back in with a spade terminal to the same spot along with the Digital dash, texted Injectedcutty so he could die of anticipation for a startup video and turned the key.

Crank but no start..... WTF?

Connect the laptop, check the tune and settings, make sure its set up for the 210lb injectors, check base timing.....

Crank but no start....

Make a couple changes, adjust the Throttle body and reset it in the ECM.

Crank, no start....

Pull plugs and check for fuel, pull one out to check for spark.

No spark...


Panic slightly that its not reading the cam sensor to Sync....

pull a couple crank logs to check for cam sensor signal.

Logs didn't have any data, weird...

Meanwhile Injectedcutty is texting for a startup video.... Hurry the F up! hahaha

Swap the power to a battery line in the fuse box.

BAM!!! Fired up immediately.

So somewhere in my wiring mayhem I dont have a steady IGN on power source anymore.

Lesson learned.....

Add that into the wiring diagram, perhaps a switch for electronics to a clean relay with the second purpose of anti-theft device.

Either way, start up was very exciting. Topped up the coolant so it could run for more than 10 seconds and enjoyed the big rumble. The new cam is exactly what I wanted an NA car to sound like. Hubba Hubba, the video does not do it justice. :love::banana::banana::banana::D

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