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Goat Herder
Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
I want to start by saying that I've never been a listener of podcasts. I've always viewed them as somewhat of money grab by the creators of the podcasts. Well, I'll say that my view was incorrect.
A local friend directed me to one, and OMG, I was hooked on this series. So I thought that there are probably others that I'm not aware of that I would enjoy. So most of us enjoy the same type of hobby and there is probably an excellent chance that some you might know of a podcast that I would enjoy.

Here is the one that has sparked my interest:

There are stories in this series that I found absolutely, unbelievable. I reference 3 of my favorites - the story of Art Arfons, the early history of headlamp and the story of the 'Gimli Glider'.
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G-Body Guru
Jun 27, 2013
My wife got me listening on longer drives to visit my daughter at school or a few trips to VT to ski. Been listening to these two and they are good, all real stories.

Dr. Death
The Dropout


G-Body Guru
May 1, 2014
Detroit, MI
Sports - The Right Time w/ Bomani Jones, The Mismatch (NBA podcast), Ruen Rusillio Pod, Bill Simmons Pod

Entertainment/Culture - Higher Learning with Van Lathan, Joe Rogan, Joe Budden, Brilliant Idiots, Flagrant 2, Rory & Mal

Financial - Earn Your Leisure

* some random TV show podcast

My commute to work is almost 40 minutes each way. If the weather is anything less than sunny and 50+ degrees, I'm listening to a podcast. When the weather is subwoofers BREATHE and it's music time.
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