TH350 to 2004r/700R4 Overdrive swap

Discussion in 'Chassis / Drivetrain / Suspension / Wheels' started by 79loserbluebu, Jun 11, 2010.

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    I just went from a th-400 and went to the 700-r4 and have no regrets at all.........You can use the stock crossmember as lond as you get a tail shaft from a late 80's Caprice, caddy or buick roadmaster 700-r4...... Here is a link to that : YOu will need geometry corrector brackets and a TV cable bracket as well...............Available from Jegs or Summit........Both the 200 and 700 are great tranny's if built right.......I was able to throw 4.10 gears in my car and still cruise the expressways at a low rpm :) As far as the will need 49.5" from center of U-Joing to center of U-Joint--that's with a 7.5 rear or 12 bolt.......and take off another inch if your going to the 8.5 rear. Hope this helps...
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    wasn't really trying to discourage the use of the 700-r4 .... if one has a "good" 700-r4 just laying around and it's going into a Chevy powerred car (I don't like the concept of adapter plates) - use it. But all things considerred comparing the 2 and considerring swapping into a A/G body car (which never had the 700) - I think the 200-4r has it hands down.

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