Three Pedals G-Body Manual Transmission Conversion



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Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
They need to change the magazine title to "Hot Wallet", since they no longer bother to go the hot rod way of doing anything, but rather seem to say "Let's find the most expensive way to do something that's been done by hobbyists hundreds of times for way less money"

It's like they are afraid to think, do research, or get dirty

Have they completely forgotten the roots of hot rodding.....scrounging, adapting, re-engineering, modifying stuff to make a workable solution?

Yeah, I know, advertisers to placate.
I guess if you do it their way you'll miss out on the fun getting random parts to work, never have issues with direct fit parts, see the end of searches for what could possible work, have to add a divorce to the cost of building cars. :doh:
Maybe we need to work on corparate sponsership to pay for our builds.
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Sep 9, 2010
Petersburg, VA
That's an insane price.
I did it and I'm well under 1000 bucks. Mostly everything was used.
Of course there were 3 parts that I custom made. The pedal, the recent slave cylinder bracket ( I'm a ex Hyd T/O bearing user. ), and the trans mount.
I never looked back. The T56 is on the horizon.
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Nov 22, 2011
$6,900 , ouch. I pitty people that can't fabricate. In 2002', I put in a 33, 000 mile ls1/t56 including auto meter gauges & all other stuff to hook it up complete for less than that, though you do need to count in inflation. I actually did my current pedal swap in the early/ mid 90's when doing a t-5 swap. Got a pedal assembly / bracket from an old a-body or something?? Was going to Mc Cleod hydraulic setup from summit, gave up after 2 months backorder, EFFF THAT. Did a manual linkage from misc parts & fabbing. Cost? Not much. Later did my own Hydraulic f-body mc mount for LS swap using scrap 1/4" aluminum plate & a block of hard wood that I angled to fit. Cost? whatever the new mc was. Later made the next mc adjustable for my stage 3 monster clutch. Fab cost, not much. Factory part is getting weak again, will likely make my own aftermarket my conversion, though sick speed's conversion could be an easy out.

Mike, if you're doing your own manual linkage setup I think that's still good way. Biggest problem with mine was as the clutch wore, the lower linkage was hitting into the long tube headers on the return side ,which were said not to work with a manual anyways. But this was way before I had a mig or tig & access to the internet knowledge of all the ways to make stuff adjustable & to get stuff to work with (rod ends, etc) OR better info on how to setup ratio's for linkage to work properly. If doing again now, I'd make more parts adjustable.


Jan 7, 2018
Dont stick it behind a big block anything!!!!!

I have the John B pedal in mine now.

I bought and will be switching to the SickSpeedMonte. When it gets warmer out.



I just got the same kit in... did you install yet? what did you have to do? I am currently doing this now!


Jul 24, 2009
Socialist NY
Too cold to install it

Have to wait for spring!!!
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Aug 31, 2007
New Jersey
This is absolutely insane. I put a t56 in my car for about $2k. Even buying everything new or reman'd would be under $4k for a stronger trans and an extra gear.

Plus that mcleod thowout bearing is JUNK. Just pulled my third and final one, stepped up to a Modern Driveline Tilton conversion bearing for the lt t56.

For $6900 you could invest in a lot of other go fast goodies...
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