What's it worth?

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Dec 1, 2014
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Can't imagine there are too many G-bodies out there that haven't rolled the odometer.
They can be found, but all of them aren't indicative of the mileage. Mine was given to me by the original owner that started a frame off, then let it sit in a parking lot for 12-14 years. Needless to say, the engine was toast and so was the frame. The odometer has 62K or so on it. And it will never move again thanks to an LS swap and no more speedometer cable.

I was fortunate to find a very good frame here in the rust belt.

They are out there at less than 100K, but not always what you think a sub 100K mile car should be.

Regarding yours, I would start out listing it for no less than $7k. 5 years ago I would've said less than half that, but they are actually climbing in value.


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Feb 20, 2018
"What's a guy to do?" Find some land out in the county or further out where you can build yourself a garage and start accumulating projects. LOL.

That is a recurring theme in almost every thread on the subject that has ever been posted or responded to on this forum.

Mine to do, I would not build the Elky to be a high horsepower machine. While the lure is there and very attractive, so is the cost of insurance and gas and, if some brain dead putz decides to use your car to stop him/her cause they had their head too far buried in their cell phone and weren't paying attention, then you are not likely to get the full value of your investment back.

For myself, I would be more likely to put the money into the suspension and rear end, to start, then give some thought to a stroker in the 355 to 406 cid range. Nothing tooo built up or brutal, just a good mill that can haul the mail, or a truck box of whatever you decide to put in the back of the vehicle.



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Jan 2, 2006
$4200 is not unreasonable for the Wisconsin area for a car like that. Not too bad, really. The G-bodies end up looking like a Packer's cheese hat with the holes in them most of the time anyway up in those parts. If you're selling it, like others pointed out, put a $7500 sign on it and see what happens. If $7500 will do it for you. Ask what you want, if no fish are biting, adjust your bait accordingly.

The unfortunate thing about it is, whenever the car was new, people in the rust belt get their "new car" and drive it all over. That's one of the reasons people buy new cars, right? No rust, no issues, drive it for a few winters, still looks good while collecting all that salt crap up in the crevices and cracks, and within 10 years, the car is in serious rust trouble. Nobody buying those cars were looking 40 years down the road. So, just trade it in for another new one in the 90s. Then come up with a cash for clunkers several years later and really decimate the herd.

There's a slew of G-bodies with <100K on them if you're looking for them. If they're taken care of, it's usually not an issue. But a 50K car rode hard and put up wet can be far worse than a 100K car driven reasonably and well-taken care of. It's always a gamble if you didn't buy it new.
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