1. M

    1984 H/O 307 Holley EFI Swap

    Hey guys, Anybody here ever swapped a Holley Sniper kit with the Ignition components (distributor, coil, Ignition box) for the Quadrajet on a 307 H/O? I'm aware of the challenges it encompasses ( CCC, Vacuum, TPS, etc.). I'm also aware of the fact that it won't make my 180hp 307 a 350 sbc so...
  2. E

    Just got my '84 Monte

    Always wanted a blue Monte SS, and now I have one. Stock 305, 350 trans, bench seat, column shift. She's a cruiser, not a runner. Much work to be done, replacing most of the interior.....maybe future LS/4L80E swap?
  3. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO C6 corvette mirrors on ‘84 mc doors

    Hey everyone, I have a 1988 mc ss that I’ve been working on with my dad and had a few questions. The car itself is an ‘88, but it has ‘84 doors (and mirrors) on it. The previous doors were in rough shape and we found a pair that had been in a garage since roughly 1990. I was at a car show...
  4. I

    CA Smog Test/Replace Electronic Quadrajet

    Hello folks: I am working on a 1984 el Camino/305 c.i. The vehicle has an electronic quadrajet which I would like to get rid of and upgrade the carb to a high performance carb like a #1906 Edelbrock AVS2 or something like that - nothing radical. My concerns are: If I replace the...
  5. R

    84 Cutlass Bolt Pattern?

    I have an 84 Cutlass Supreme (Brougham). I'm looking to run 15 inch wheels on the back, but the problem is the 14s on it now with a 4 inch backspace are already close to the frame, so maybe I need to run negative fitment? A buddy gave me a set of hoosier slicks so now I just need wheels. Any...
  6. A

    CUTLASS 1980 olds parts

    Interior, glass, trim, 14 inch olds rally rims, hood, fuel tank, 455 olds blocks, sbc block, front lights, Tbi system, four barrel carbs, lots of nice chrome, other miscellaneous. Let me know what you’re looking for. G-body, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988
  7. 1984 SomerSet

    looking for 1984 Buick Regal HEADER PANEL

    this is my first visit on this site, sorry if I am posting this wrong. I am ISO a header panel for my 1984 Buick Regal. any help would be appreciated
  8. Built6spdMCSS

    New driving vid...bangin gears in my SS

    Got out today and got some vids..some gear-rowing motivation here for you guys...
  9. Built6spdMCSS

    Electronic Speedo Conversion PIC HEAVY!!!!!!!

    I recently aquired the gauge cluster from a 1988 Monte Carlo SS. It was in really good condition, just needed to be cleaned up. My original one from my SS was cracked and broken so I had to take it out of the car. I converted it over to an electronic speedo using a 1990 K5 Blazer Gauge with the...

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