1. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Tell-tale panel part

    Does anyone know where I can find a tell-tale housing/filter? I've checked a couple websites online and can't seem to find it. Even reproduction gauge clusters do not come with it.
  2. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Horn isn't working

    I'm in the process of trying to figure out why my horn doesn't work. Looking in the engine bay, there are two nonstock horns with wiring from an owner before me. The horn worked prior to the car being dropped off to be painted. When the horn button is pressed down, it does not beep. Also, the...
  3. jwood1213

    Center cap questions for new rims

    I just ordered a set of these rims for my '88 MC SS, and was unsure what center caps would fit on these. Do the stock caps fit or do I need to order different ones?
  4. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Possible 350 swap

    I am currently looking around for a small block 350 to switch out my current 305 with. My dad and I within the past 2 years put in a new carburetor, intake, headers and made the exhaust true dual instead of the factory Y pipe. How much of that would be compatible with a 350? It's also a T-top...
  5. jwood1213

    BUILD THREAD 1988 Monte Carlo SS Frankenstein project

    Here's roughly 3 years of work on a t-top MCSS. We're doing a full restomod, floor, quarters, t-top portion of the roof. The whiter doors came off a different car that had been sitting in a warehouse since the 90's and the trunk panel on the 14th picture was an unused extra that we were told was...
  6. jwood1213

    88 Trunk Interior

    Hi all, I’m in the middle of restoring an 88 SS, and I’m looking to replace the part of the trunk that the lid closes in front of. I’ve heard people call it the rear body panel or the taillight panel. I’ll attach a picture, but I also want to replace the metal lip that is under the trunk‘s...
  7. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO C6 corvette mirrors on ‘84 mc doors

    Hey everyone, I have a 1988 mc ss that I’ve been working on with my dad and had a few questions. The car itself is an ‘88, but it has ‘84 doors (and mirrors) on it. The previous doors were in rough shape and we found a pair that had been in a garage since roughly 1990. I was at a car show...
  8. jwood1213

    Dip Stick tube issue

    I just had my oil changed yesterday, and while I was driving home, a loud (louder than the exhaust) ticking noise starting coming from somewhere in the engine bay. When I got home, I narrowed it down to the tube that holds the dip stick. Is this an easy fix to tighten it up, or should I go back...
  9. jwood1213

    Monte console upgrade

    I was thinking of changing out the factory console for one out of an F-body camaro/trans am, does anyone know the fabrication required to make it work?
  10. jwood1213

    88 Monte badging question

    Does anyone know if the Monte Carlo keyhole crest from the 71/72 years will fit over the keyhole on an 88? I was thinking of ordering the badge but I wanted to make sure.
  11. jwood1213

    88 monte front blinker/running light issue

    I just replaced the bulbs for my blinkers because my right running light was out. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but with 2 new bulbs, I now have no blinkers or running lights. When I move the stock for the blinker, the right indicator just stays on. I just got a cluster from autometer so that’s...
  12. jwood1213

    1988 monte ss running lights

    Are the running lights for the Monte on a different line than for the blinkers? I realized only one of my orange running lights turns on, but both will work as blinkers and hazards. Is it an easy fix?
  13. 86 Chevy El Camino SS

    1988 Pontiac Safari "B" body wagon for sale

    Happy holidays, Was not sure what thread to post this in, but decided to post it here in General. Found this B body wagon at a trans shop in Fredericksburg Va. From what I can tell at a cursory glance, it looks to be in fairly good shape on the outside. Inside did not look bad either. Didn't...
  14. D

    305 SS Monte Carlo

    Getting ready to pick up an 88 MC this weekend and at first I was Ted to swap the engine for an 350, but after several talks with friends and family I’ll just juice up the 305 until later down the line. Now my concern is what all parts I would need to get a good amount of hp out of her. I saw a...

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