1. Tim Fortier


    In my other Thread about the Q-jet I said I was going to put the Performance chip in. And I did that. ( Pictured Above ). I matched the Icons on both ends of it to, I guess , place it in properly. Got in and fired her up. Idled really high for a bit then kicked down to about 2500rpm. then down...
  2. Rokztarz

    1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W-30

    I recently Purchased a 1980 Oldsmobile cutlass 442 W-30, Or soo it appeared. Not really knowing a whole lot about the vehicle, and with some minor research, I concluded the deal for $1000 dollars would be worth it, even though I know the car needs some work. With that being said, the owner...
  3. Rokztarz

    1980 Cutlass 442 Rocket 350 performance upgrades.

    I recently purchased a 1980 Cutlass 442, with the Rocket 350 engine. I have read several swap stories, but have yet to find anyone that has taken the same car, and modified the low performing motor to give it some more life. I want to keep the car mostly original, and not planning to make this...

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