bucket seats

  1. Sweet_Johnny

    FOR SALE 2003 Grand Am- What Parts to Pull?

    2003 Pontiac Grand Am I can get ANYTHING from this car excluding the following: radio, speakers, Monsoon amp & wiring, wheels/tires. It was running and driving until wrecked. Power windows/ locks/ mirrors/ sunroof. Engine and transmission-high mileage, can't store. Drilled/slotted discs, rack/pinion...
  2. 81Supreme

    Tan Interior bucket seat upholstery

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has gotten tan bucket seat upholstery for their cutlass bucket seats and what it looks like. I am trying to see what it looks like so I can if the upholstery would match my rear seats. (My interior seat color is tan, I’m converting to bucket seats)
  3. 80elky

    El camino floor shifter

    What is the process for switching a 1980 el camino from a bench seat/column shifter to a bucket seat/floor shifter setup? I really like the look of these and was considering making the change myself but I want to know what all it entails. And for those who have done it, what kind of seats and...
  4. 4

    Late Model Bucket Seat Installation

    With the extra time on my hands due to the recent situation, I finally got some time to install the 98 Buick Regal front seats in my Cutlass. I bought these about four years ago, since it's very difficult to find any maroon late model seats. My Cutlass originally had buckets, manual passenger...
  5. S

    What did these come out of?

    Any idea what these could have came out of? Looking for an upholstery kit. Thanks for help. Driver seat is power.
  6. V

    Elco Seats won't slide

    Hey, the bucket seats in my 87 Elco won't slide forward or back. When I actuate the lever, I still can't slide them. Does anyone know an easy fix? Perhaps a part I can lubricate? I'll probably need a pic. Thanks in advance!
  7. CaliWagon83

    Grand National/Monte SS Buckets - Common or hard-to-find?

    Hey Guys! I got an alert on my eBay watch list that a set of GN front buckets was going down from $399 to $299. They have the normal wear and tear you’d expect on 30+ year old seats, but overall looked in good shape. I know you can get replacement foam and covers no problem, but I’m wondering...
  8. oldmansmonte

    Scored some cheap bucket seats today

    Got 2 86-88 Monte SS bucket seats in pretty good condition today for $75. Pics don't quite do them justice, they are nicer in person. For that price I figure I'll just hang onto them, reupholster them at my leisure and do a bucket project in the future.

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