1. P

    First car! 1986 GMC Caballero

    Hey, i’m 16 years old and i just bought my first car, it’s a 1986 gmc caballero, the gas gauge doesn’t work, brakes lines are rusted, and i just switched a new brake cylinder. i only got it for 3000, so let’s me know what you guys think, and what could be a problem for the gas gauge.
  2. Z


    Ok so I have a 79’ GMC Caballero and I need help with whatever the duck is happening here? I have never seen something like this and don’t know what to do first. Bought the car and it turn over everytime, and shifts good just can’t seem to move from where it’s at it revs and revs and revs but no...
  3. J

    GMC caballero 250 inline 6?

    i just got a motorless g body caballero and i have a piece of junk stepside chevy with a 250. will this paperweight fit in there or should i just get a small block. just wondering because i have it, truck is a 78 so third gen motor
  4. Tom Kirsch

    '81 Caballero dies with too much gas.

    I'm 15 and first car is a gmc caballero, usually runs great and has no rust. Couple days ago she would die when either giving gas very fast and slowly at around 1/2 pedal. It has a 305 and the year is 81. I'm guessing it's the carb but not sure. Has anyone experienced similar problems and does...
  5. M

    1978-1988 GM A/G-Body Wiring Diagram for Security System

    I have a 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS and I just bought an Avital alarm system that I intend to install myself. I need to know what wires to splice or tap for the starter, horn, lights, door switches, electric locks, and electric trunk release. I've installed audio equipment numerous times in...
  6. D

    Advice for classic newbie

    Hey guys i love classic cars and im looking at getting a el camino as a daily driver i live in MA yes it snows. And yes id drive it year round im aware of the salt and rust issues and a found a way to deal with that but im look at different models and prices and i came a across a gmc caballero...

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