1. Cabal

    Stock 85 Cut Sup Bro Exhaust and parts recommendations

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to this forum. I've used posts and FAQ's to see answers to my questions over the past few years but I've finally made the dive to create an account and to ask a few things. I have a bone stock 1985 Cutlass supreme with a 307 that's never had any major work done to...
  2. I

    1980 Cutlass Supreme California

    Hi, trying to find help in regards to finishing the work on our cutlass supreme in order to pass smog in California. After a lot of work we are almost there however are hung up at the wiring harness, the car has an electronic carburetor on it and I have to have the wiring harness and the...
  3. GP403

    1981-1983 CCC (Computer Control Carburetor) Videos 2020-09-28 (The discussion tab should point to this thread. )
  4. I-AM-JD

    Throttle position sensor?

    Hello everyone I am trying to get a straight answer regarding throttle position sensor. I'm looking to buy a 1980 Buick Regal 3.8 v6 231 with a dual jet carburetor. So was I'm looking over the engine I notice there is no throttle position sensor plugged into the carb on the front right there's a...
  5. adrianMCmoreno

    Any holley carb experts that can help

    Any holley experts in the group Here's what I have sbc 350 stock it's a Holley 670cfm jets are size 68 and squirt nozzle is a .35 not a double pumper My issue slight popping in exhaust while accelerating more like a pff pff pff. It's very random sometimes at accelerating and sometimes at...
  6. 7

    Swapping tbi to carb 5.7 350

    Looking for imput. I bought a 5.7 350 (1987-95) from jegs and was planning to drop it in my 77 Scottsdale 4x4 4spd to replace the old rusted out 350. Looking to see what I’ll need to get in order to covert this motor from tbi to carb, because I didn’t realize this was a tbi engine when I...
  7. CaliWagon83

    Need help removing carb (Buick 231 V-6)!

    I need your guys’ help and collective wisdom. I’m attempting to remove the carburetor. Naturally, being a CCC (and a California model on top of it!) there are a million hoses, tubes, sensors and connectors connected to it. The biggest one is connected to the front of the carb. I’m thinking it’s...
  8. slowestmonte

    Help with vacuum lines?

    So I've decided to go back to a E4ME quadrajet CCC setup on my 88' LG4 after not liking my holey HEI setup. One of my problems is that when I swapped it i took off all the old vacuum lines, but that isn't the main issue. The main issue is that a lot of them were missing already or dry rotted to...
  9. W

    1981 Monte Carlo 5 V8 Redline?

    Hi im looking to find what the actual redline is for the stock 5 liter. Ive looked what seems to be everywhere and I cant find an answer for the stock motor. I am looking to get a new carb for an 81 im looking to buy today or tomorrow and im trying to do the cubic inch x redline equation and...
  10. rmorman

    Figuring out what Carburetor I need

    Hello. I'm going to replace a Holley 750 Double pumper with a vacuum secondary carb and wanted some advice on size/model. Here is some info on the car/engine: 1. 405 HP at the crank 2. Intake Manifold is a Dual Plane (Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap). 3. Heads: PRO FILER 195CC ALUMINUM HEADS...
  11. PapaTrain

    1987 Cutlass 307 V8 carb problems

    Too many issues with the Rochester with electric choke. Just want to do away with it all together. Go manual choke carb and stand alone dizzy. What brand and what size would I need to go with?
  12. RegMan79

    Dual jet 210 carburetor spring location

    I took my carb off to clean the intake and carburetor. This little spring popped out from somewhere not sure where it goes. 79 Monte 267 engine Dualjet 210 carb. The model number is in the picture
  13. RegMan79

    79 Monte computer??

    Does the 79 Monte have a computer? I've heard yes and no. I'm putting an edelbrock performer manifold on soon. Wondering if removing the EGR or other emissions components will cause performance issues. Heard the computer controls carb and dizzy.
  14. lelanb

    QJet to Holley Help

    I just purchased a 85 supreme with a sbc 350 swapped into it. I'm extremely new to carburetors but i know the qjet on it is shot and i have access to a new free 4160 holley (1850s). besides an adapter plate, what else do I need to make this work, like what about the choke and everything

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