1. M

    1984 H/O 307 Holley EFI Swap

    Hey guys, Anybody here ever swapped a Holley Sniper kit with the Ignition components (distributor, coil, Ignition box) for the Quadrajet on a 307 H/O? I'm aware of the challenges it encompasses ( CCC, Vacuum, TPS, etc.). I'm also aware of the fact that it won't make my 180hp 307 a 350 sbc so...
  2. G

    E-85 question

    I have been wanting to convert my g body to e-85 for some time now and was wondering if anyone here has experience with converting a Holley 4150 to e-85. I have the appropriate fuel lines and plenty of flow, but do I have to change out metering blocks? The engine is a very mild 350 sbc
  3. Gbrick

    REGAL Gas in oil

    What's up ya'll! I'm new here from Ontario Canada. I have an 85 Regal Limited with an 80's 350, with vortec heads and a mild cam from what the previous owner said. The carb is a Holley 750 vacuum secondary. Aaaaaaand it won't start..... I was messing around with the carb and was having issues...
  4. 8

    MONTE CARLO Edelbrock e force supercharger 1552

    waiting on the final parts To my build 355sbc edelbrock 1552 pd supercharger 9inch with 4.56 3 speed th400 turbo(built) caged 6 ties directly to the frame boxed in walboro 255 looped forged internals yadda yada etc etc anyone here had a similar setup still running 275s I cant find anything...


    Anyone have a holley street dominator on there chevrolet v6 with a holley 4360 "economizer" 4bbl. I cant seem to find a carb mounting gasket that will seal? Any help would be great. Itsva spreadbore set up. Thank you in advance.
  6. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Installing b&m automatic shifter knob

    I just bought a b&m shifter knob, along with a boot and boot plate. I realized the handle doesn't have a button on it, and obviously the factory one does. Is there a type of bushing or something else I could use to allow the whole handle to move down and act as a button? I assume I'd just...
  7. E84MC

    Help Holley crossmember?

    Please help I got my crossmember in and I was mocking it up and the holes for the transmission mount seem to be way off centered to the right is this normal?
  8. Coolio


    I have a 400pontiac with Holley 600 carb, Holley red fuel pump and a fuel regulator. The problem I'm having is that when I'm taking off from a stop it hesitate an I'm trying to see why. Do I need to go a size up on the carb, is it getting too much/not enough gas or.... Any thoughts or tips?
  9. adrianMCmoreno

    Any holley carb experts that can help

    Any holley experts in the group Here's what I have sbc 350 stock it's a Holley 670cfm jets are size 68 and squirt nozzle is a .35 not a double pumper My issue slight popping in exhaust while accelerating more like a pff pff pff. It's very random sometimes at accelerating and sometimes at...
  10. I

    CA Smog Test/Replace Electronic Quadrajet

    Hello folks: I am working on a 1984 el Camino/305 c.i. The vehicle has an electronic quadrajet which I would like to get rid of and upgrade the carb to a high performance carb like a #1906 Edelbrock AVS2 or something like that - nothing radical. My concerns are: If I replace the...
  11. rmorman

    Figuring out what Carburetor I need

    Hello. I'm going to replace a Holley 750 Double pumper with a vacuum secondary carb and wanted some advice on size/model. Here is some info on the car/engine: 1. 405 HP at the crank 2. Intake Manifold is a Dual Plane (Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap). 3. Heads: PRO FILER 195CC ALUMINUM HEADS...
  12. PapaTrain

    1987 Cutlass 307 V8 carb problems

    Too many issues with the Rochester with electric choke. Just want to do away with it all together. Go manual choke carb and stand alone dizzy. What brand and what size would I need to go with?
  13. B

    Switching to Single Plane Intake

    I have a 350 in my 85 SS Monte, I have a dual plane on it with a one inch spacer on top. Was just wondering if an actual open plenum would give me any gains. Also, would i need to swap anything else to make it run right? I've heard about more stall, but I'm not to sure. Reason I'm asking is that...
  14. lelanb

    QJet to Holley Help

    I just purchased a 85 supreme with a sbc 350 swapped into it. I'm extremely new to carburetors but i know the qjet on it is shot and i have access to a new free 4160 holley (1850s). besides an adapter plate, what else do I need to make this work, like what about the choke and everything

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