ls swap

  1. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO 6L80e question

    I'm preparing to do a 5.3/6L80e swap in my '88 monte carlo. I was hoping to get a nicer looking Holley shifter instead of the stock 4 speed auto shifter the car came with. How exactly would that work? This is the shifter I was planning on getting - (shifter) I saw a thread somewhere here that...
  2. WesFischer05

    HELP Transmission having trouble shifting and low idle

    I just finished an LS Swap into my 1981 El Camino. I have a lot to say so I will hopefully cover all the bases. It has an engine from a 2001 Yukon (5.3) that is completely stock internals and stock rebuilt 4l60e. I have a Holley mid mount kit along with a LS6 intake manifold and a few other...
  3. MrHernandez81

    CUTLASS My first swap and wiring job

    I've been working on this beauty the last week at work. It came in with a used Chinese harness, most parts in the trunk, custom grilles, and the request to "Be able to drive it home". The sooner the better.
  4. Phreaktor

    Rearend upgrades in a 6.0L Lowrider Cruiser (Hydraulic Car)

    What’s up fellas? Something a little different here… I’m building an 82 Monte Carlo lowrider that will have a 6.0L LS swap (400-425HP) and hydraulic suspension. This car won’t be used for racing, just cruising and highway driving. It’ll also be on 13” wire wheels and 155/80/R13 tires. The car...
  5. S

    Gbody 0-90 ohm to LS1 PCM Project

    Hey guys, I'm new to the threads but have been learning from these sites for some time now. I've done an LS1 Swap on my 84 Regal. I am currently working on the fuel sender and getting it to work with the PCM. I've seen a lot of options but here is what I am currently working on. (Pic 1 and 2...
  6. The Viking

    A/c evaporator to a/c dryer modification??

    Hello I’ve been reading this forums for years but never posted. I have an 80 Malibu that im in the middle of ls swapping. Im currently replacing the inner fenders with metal trailer fenders like project sand bagger, but im keeping the a/c. Side note i am repairing the front of the box with...
  7. JD254

    86 Cutlass Owner From Central Texas

    Although it says I have been a member for a while made my first post/response today as i try to figure out some starting issues. I own a 1986 Cutlass Supreme arguably the best g body j/k I like them all i got it from my frat brother for free 3 years ago since then I built a 6.0 ls for it and...
  8. calli.uwu

    Cutlass Vortec swap

    I've got an '86 Cutlass Supreme with a junkyard 1987 307 (because I threw a rod in the og 307) and this engine isn't far from death. I'm thinking of doing a junkyard Vortec swap to it and I am not very knowledgeable with engine swaps this big. Anybody got any tips? Also, what kind of Vortec...
  9. atvjoey

    LS Swap with TKO 500/600

    So I have an 87 El Camino that I put a brand new sbc 350 in it with a 2.73 open diff and a th350 to build a daily driver. it has been great but I am quickly realizing the limitations to what I thought would be a good daily driver. I do have access to another car while this swap happens but I...
  10. Kanekong

    Lm vs Ls swaps

    I’ve recently acquired a 82 cutlass 4 door with no engine no transmission. Used to have a V6 I believe. It was parked for 20+ years so body and interior is in awesome condition. I’ve asked around and my mechanic friend suggested an Lm7 swap with 4l60e transmission but I see a lot are opting for Ls swap...
  11. Injectedcutty

    MOBIL 1 ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, just wanted to let y'all know Tractor Supply has Mobil 1 Truck and SUV oil on sale. The 5qt jugs are only $15 right now, and if you're signed up for coupons then they're only $10/5qts. Us LS guys can use it, or anybody with GM trucks! I just grabbed 3 jugs for $33 out the door. I might...
  12. S

    New guy

    New guy here. Looking to buy a cutlass and do a ls swap. Anything specific i should look for while cutty shopping? I plan to put one of these babies in her
  13. E

    Happy Friday, Everyone! New Member Here!

    Good Evening, fellow G-Body lovers! My name is Eric and I am brand new to the G-Body forum. I'm living right outside of Denver, Colorado at this time and I work in the IT industry as a field technician. I am a previous owner of two third-gen GM vehicles - a 1989 Firebird Formula with a 350...
  14. L

    Ls2 78 Malibu build

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all their information, what works, and what doesn’t on my year long build. I was able to swap an 06 gto motor and trans into my 78 Malibu. Right now it has a stock ls2 with the 4l65e, moser 9” spool w/3.55, custom aluminum drive shaft, and qa1 shocks.
  15. GroceryGetter83

    1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan LS Turbo Build

    As I posted in my intro thread, I recently bought this 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme 4 door. 75k miles, 231 c.i. V6 GM power plant, 3 speed automatic. Current motor has rod knock and will be coming out soon. Plan: 5.3L LS truck motor, keep AC (100% needed in FL), turbo + goodies Goal: 500 whp...
  16. flatout

    2+2 Progress

    Just wanted to let you guys in on the progress of my Aero coupe. I have got most of the interior done. Still needs minor details to complete, I have to take a break from it from time to time. It is my evening project. I am going to start another thread on the wagon that I just picked up last...
  17. CaliWagon83

    CARB-legal LS Swap - It can be done!

    Video quality not great, but found this video on YouTube of a Monte Carlo SS with a fully C.A.R.B.-legal LS1 swap. For all you doubters out there, it can be done!
  18. D

    What motor should I go with?

    So I am still searching for a G body SS Monte Carlo but I am having trouble trying to decide what motor should I go about putting in it as well as trans. My original idea was to just get a 350 and swap the heads and can so I can still have a decent amount of power, because I highly doubt that...
  19. Regal LSx

    Corvette "batwing" oil pan for LS swap?

    Planning an LM4 swap into an 87 Regal. I have access to a batwing oil pan and was wondering if it would work in the G-Body. I plan to use adjustable mounts from Dirty Dingo and will mount to a 4L60e. I'll use F-Body exhaust manifolds from an LS3. Thanks

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