ls swap

  1. atvjoey

    LS Swap with TKO 500/600

    So I have an 87 El Camino that I put a brand new sbc 350 in it with a 2.73 open diff and a th350 to build a daily driver. it has been great but I am quickly realizing the limitations to what I thought would be a good daily driver. I do have access to another car while this swap happens but I...
  2. MJScarangella

    amateur mechanic - 1984 base MC gets 5.3L/4L60e

    I've been asking a lot of questions on this site and lurking for a year. I was too lazy to work hard to save money to do this in high school like my friends did. It's a good thing I waited because the technology got a lot better over the last 30 years. I got $10,000 worth of parts going into...
  3. Kanekong

    Lm vs Ls swaps

    I’ve recently acquired a 82 cutlass 4 door with no engine no transmission. Used to have a V6 I believe. It was parked for 20+ years so body and interior is in awesome condition. I’ve asked around and my mechanic friend suggested an Lm7 swap with 4l60e transmission but I see a lot are opting for Ls swap...
  4. Injectedcutty

    MOBIL 1 ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, just wanted to let y'all know Tractor Supply has Mobil 1 Truck and SUV oil on sale. The 5qt jugs are only $15 right now, and if you're signed up for coupons then they're only $10/5qts. Us LS guys can use it, or anybody with GM trucks! I just grabbed 3 jugs for $33 out the door. I might...
  5. S

    New guy

    New guy here. Looking to buy a cutlass and do a ls swap. Anything specific i should look for while cutty shopping? I plan to put one of these babies in her
  6. E

    Happy Friday, Everyone! New Member Here!

    Good Evening, fellow G-Body lovers! My name is Eric and I am brand new to the G-Body forum. I'm living right outside of Denver, Colorado at this time and I work in the IT industry as a field technician. I am a previous owner of two third-gen GM vehicles - a 1989 Firebird Formula with a 350...
  7. L

    Ls2 78 Malibu build

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all their information, what works, and what doesn’t on my year long build. I was able to swap an 06 gto motor and trans into my 78 Malibu. Right now it has a stock ls2 with the 4l65e, moser 9” spool w/3.55, custom aluminum drive shaft, and qa1 shocks.
  8. GroceryGetter83

    1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan LS Turbo Build

    As I posted in my intro thread, I recently bought this 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme 4 door. 75k miles, 231 c.i. V6 GM power plant, 3 speed automatic. Current motor has rod knock and will be coming out soon. Plan: 5.3L LS truck motor, keep AC (100% needed in FL), turbo + goodies Goal: 500 whp...
  9. flatout

    2+2 Progress

    Just wanted to let you guys in on the progress of my Aero coupe. I have got most of the interior done. Still needs minor details to complete, I have to take a break from it from time to time. It is my evening project. I am going to start another thread on the wagon that I just picked up last...
  10. CaliWagon83

    CARB-legal LS Swap - It can be done!

    Video quality not great, but found this video on YouTube of a Monte Carlo SS with a fully C.A.R.B.-legal LS1 swap. For all you doubters out there, it can be done!
  11. D

    What motor should I go with?

    So I am still searching for a G body SS Monte Carlo but I am having trouble trying to decide what motor should I go about putting in it as well as trans. My original idea was to just get a 350 and swap the heads and can so I can still have a decent amount of power, because I highly doubt that...
  12. Regal LSx

    Corvette "batwing" oil pan for LS swap?

    Planning an LM4 swap into an 87 Regal. I have access to a batwing oil pan and was wondering if it would work in the G-Body. I plan to use adjustable mounts from Dirty Dingo and will mount to a 4L60e. I'll use F-Body exhaust manifolds from an LS3. Thanks
  13. dotheshuffle

    Just another pro-touring Monte

    So plans change a bunch. I originally bought this car for a hundred bucks and immediately built it for the drag strip. Que the Mullets. Ran a best of 13.90 a couple years ago and decided to hang it up. You really gotta pay to play when I comes to performance, and drag racing a turd is boring. (A...
  14. Boy1duh

    Old school engines vs ls swap debate!!

    I'm just so confused I had my mind set on a ls swap had the engine and trans within a stone throw but got cold feet cause I'm so traditional I'm looking for healthy debate to help me make a decision on old school or ls I've done research and torn I'm not racing looking to make a daily driver I...
  15. Boy1duh

    87 mc ls swap

    I've read a lot of great threads about this and really its beating a dead horse but I'm new to this and not building the car myself I just have a few questions what's the cheapest u can do a swap to labor should I stay in my lane and stick to old school 350's would that be cheaper I'm trying to...

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