1. T

    3.5" Front Speakers - 81 Malibu

    Hello Gents! My father and I are working on an 81 Malibu Classic Coupe. We are doing a number of updates / upgrades but one of them is the front 3.5" speakers. I purchased some JBL 6x9's for the back and 3.5" speakers for up front. Based on what we can see as other people have said, we...
  2. smartinez886

    Setting Station Presets

    So i have an ‘85 Cutlass Supreme with the stock radio on it (GM-Delco) and could not figure out how to set a station preset so i can easily flip through stations when i need to.Below is a photo from the internet of the exact radio i have. If anyone could hep that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. rogue_ryder

    HELP Stereo Mounting Stud? Where to acquire?

    So I'm in the process of returning my 1985 4-4-2 to the stock stereo (or as close to as I can get). I pulled out an ancient Kenwood CD deck that no longer worked and want to put in a Delco unit from the 1980s. There's a bunch on eBay but I've noticed none have the Mounting Stud on the back...
  4. Mrockatansky

    Aftermarket head unit install. Which mounting bracket?

    Hey All, Need some help with what part(s) to order for installing my single DIN head unit in my Malibu. Been looking around for the mounting plate/trim to use for the eventual install but cant seem to find any GM kits for pre 1982. Here are some examples of what I am looking for in terms of...
  5. 307 Regal

    I Need Sound System Suggestions!

    Hello all. It's been quite a while since I've posted but I've got a decent income again and I'd like to start playing with my car again here and there. I've decided that I'd like to deck-out the sound system. :banana: It's one of the few things on my Regal that I've not messed with. It still has...
  6. Tim benigno

    dont forget about the tunes!!

  7. GP403

    Retrosound Newport

    Anyone have any experience with this little puppy? I'm looking to replace the radio in Old Blue Hair, since the left channel is completely out, and saw this. 1.5 DIN, supposedly does bluetooth, has additional outs for amps etc. Either green or red lighting.... Looks kinda-sorta-maybe...

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