1. Mike buttafuoco

    Transmission cross members

    anyone make their own transmission cross member? I am seasoned in the fab and welding department and making one won't be an issue but I wanted some ideas as I am so friggin indecisive that what she take me a day, will take 2 months because I am the type, if I don't like the way it looks, I start over...
  2. S

    1980 Malibu Auto to Manual conversion w/ '92 S15 donor?

    I want to convert my 1980 Malibu project to a manual transmission. The car currently has the original TH200 and a swapped 305 SBC. I found a 1992 GMC S15 Sonoma with a factory 5-speed V6 but it's far away and I'd like to know if it's a feasible swap before I look at it. I don't know the...
  3. R

    1985 Buick Regal 3.8l 4 barrel transmission compatibles

    hello, new here....bought a 85' Buick Regal 3.8 4 barrel. Get the car up and running only to find out it has a bad trans. If you put the car in drive the trans starts to chatter and bang when it shifts. If you put in 1st and change the gears manually it'll act fine. Not sure what's going on with...
  4. Matt Ulinski

    Intro and Various Questions

    Hey Guys, I bought a 78 Malibu a few months ago, and after running a 300hp 350 infront of my 200r4 decided to buy a 406 with trick flow heads and a slightly choppy hydrualic flat tappet. My dad and I swapped in the new engine last week and after drving it a little we've come to the conclusion...
  5. J

    1980 Cutlass Sedan 305Eng/????transmission

    I have a 1980 Cutlass sedan with a 305 Chevy motor in it not sure what type of transmission that it has, but a friend of mine says that it should have come w/th250C transmission and he said those transmissions were junk. how can I tell if its the 250 transmission or the 350 transmission. Going...
  6. 88cutlass

    Transmission Swap question

    What's up guys I have an 88 cutlass with the 307 engine and th200 trans. What would be the best replacement for the transmission and a good place to get one?
  7. 88cutlass

    Transmission question

    What up guys I was wondering what would be a good transmission replacement that would fit my stock 307 engine and where I can go get one?

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