1979 Cutlass - all new A/C


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Oct 3, 2019
I'll post some photos of this at a later date when I can, but I just got my 1979 Cutlass Calais back from getting the entire A/C system replaced with the Classic Air rotary compressor instead of using the R-4. All I can say is holy S..T what a system! I get ice cold are virtually instantly. My wife is going need a sweater it's so good. This system uses its own brackets. For the first time I am actually able to see my fuel pump and water pump! If either of these croak I will be able to replace them from above the car without messing with any of the A/C components.

I opted for the compressor with the painted black version since I didn't want it to look like I had 2 alternators under the hood. I got the Condenser from The Parts Place. This stuff was NOT CHEAP. But I am moving to South Carolina when I retire next year and A/C is a must for all year driving.

My Olds 260 F motor doesn't like it too much but that's just T/S. I note the temp creeps up to 220 when its idling for a time but it goes right back down when the car is moving, so I'll have to watch that more closely when I am stuck in traffic. I have a heavy duty aluminum radiator in it as well as a FloKooler w/p as I had problems in the distant past due to having a defective NOS radiator long ago.

Original Air touts this system as using only a 2 to 5 Horsepower drain as opposed to 12-15 with OEM stuff but we'll see about that. With 105 horses to start it would be nice to turn on the A/C on the highway and not feel like you are downshifting.
I added a trans. cooler years ago and 180 stat solved the heat problem.Now the compressor is toast
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