1979 GMC Cabellero Diablo center consul front bracket for manual transmission.


Jul 23, 2023
Hello everyone, I'm working on my 1979 GMC Cabellero Diablo. I just got done switching over from an automatic to a 4- speed manual just like the factory would have put it out. I'm getting ready to put the interior back in. My question is the front Floor bracket that I will need to move the factory consul back now that the automatic shifter is removed. I understand there is a bracket that will be needed to mount the front of the consul once it is slid back to the back holes on the consul. What would be very helpful is if anyone happen to have picture(s) of what this bracket looks like and how it looks mounted on the floor... Thanks in advance for your help...


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Here's a pic out of my '76-'81 Chevy parts bible. If it wasn't such a PIA I would of pulled the page to scan it.

It only shows the manual set up ('82-'90 shows the auto) so you can see the front bracket. I don't recall seeing a part number for the brackets.

The bread box is only for auto for those who never seen a manual with console set up before. Beside Chevy's & GMC"s, Pontiac's used this same set up. Olds & Buick guys will have to verify if they used this set up too.
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Have #13 bracket
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From what I have seen. Buick and olds didn't come with a console

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