1980 malibu aka malibootay

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Apr 12, 2022
Hey all, so I’m RELUCTANTLY starting this build thread. Never really kept a car long enough due to life and unforeseen circumstances. But let’s see how far this goes. I’ve always wanted a malibu and I’m really happy to have this one.

Anyways, I picked this really clean 80 malibu March 20th of this year. Drove from Sacramento to central point Oregon to pick it up. Left at 445 and was seeing the car in person by 10 am. When I got there it was cleaner than I expected and I knew instantly it was coming home with me. 6500 bucks later and I own a Canadian malibu born with a 305 4 barrel from factory now sporting a “383” and 700r4. The coolest older gentleman sold it to me and I’m inclined to believe everything he told me. It has roller rockers and 700r4 along with a healthy cam. Needs heads bad and the intake and carb are horribly too small but it runs.

As of today the car has passed a chp vin verification and smog. Check her out and I’ll add the next section in a few days.


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