1981 Pontiac Grand LeMans Safari Wagon



Supporting Member
Nov 24, 2014
Louisville, KY
I just installed BMR 1.5" rear springs part # SP037R in my Regal and it dropped it right about where I wanted it.

Post 134 and 155 to see before and after.
Will you post up in the regal thread how it rides please? My Cutlass needs to get lower and looking at options.


Master Mechanic
Mar 3, 2009
So the wagon is out of it’s winter slumber, after getting it back home swapped on the snowflakes, had them balanced in early spring, added a F-41 rear swaybar and F-41 rear springs. Dropped it a good 2” or so I think, forgot to measure ride height before the swap. I measured multiple times in fall but think it’s 2” give or take. Height is exactly even front and rear and it rides nicely. Very happy with the results.

I put on small spacers on all 4 since these are f-body 15”s with slightly different backspacing. Front to help clear ball joints/tie rods, rear since the tail pipe was rubbing, instead of “massaging” it this was all it needed.

Next up is the F-41 quick ratio steering box, 36mm hollow front f-body sway bar and poly sway bar bushings and Grand Prix brace.


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Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
It's amazing how a few factory upgrade parts make it feel like a whole different car. Instant gratification. :)


G-Body Guru
Feb 7, 2019
Man I love wagons. Those wheels look so good on there.
ME TOO!! I wish I knew why lol Only the G body wagons though, those lights in the bumper and the way they have a mild sleek roofline incorporated into the body .............dame, I just answered my own question, thanks for that :unsure::sneaky::LOL:

Doug Chahoy

Royal Smart Person
Nov 21, 2016
That 81 nose is similar to a 61 Catalina, also a one year only. I really like the wagon and the wheels, IMO white lettered tires look out of place on a luxury model. Just MO, don’t nobody throw a hissy fit. I got tired of RWL tires period, in the 70s


G-Body Guru
Feb 7, 2019
That 81 nose is similar to a 61 Catalina, also a one year only. I really like the wagon and the wheels, IMO white lettered tires look out of place on a luxury model. Just MO, don’t nobody throw a hissy fit. I got tired of RWL tires period, in the 70s
After cleaning RWL, OWL , and WW tires my entire life, the BW tires are so appealing to me lol
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