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Master Mechanic
Oct 9, 2012
Ocean County, NJ
Edelbrock published my testimonial on their web site! Have to say I LOVE how the car drives! We haven't made it to any more shows, but have been just driving it and enjoying it. It's better than a new car.

olds307 and 403

olds307 and 403

Oct 14, 2008
Your build sounds very satisfying. So many Olds guys have given up on Edelbrock carbs, ran crappy no matter what was done. Glad it turned out so awesome.


Master Mechanic
Oct 9, 2012
Ocean County, NJ
Got this sweet keychain in the mail yesterday courtesy of GBODYPARTS.COM. Going to transfer my 442 keys over to it now. Its funny as I was browsing their site the other day looking for the small incremental things that its time to get to, like chrome trim and stuff. I think next on the list is replacing the front grilles which I have repaired 3 times - I think its time to replace them. Perhaps the headlight bezels too so everything up front looks the same. Other than that time for a good spring detail and get ready for the warm weather.

2018-02-25 13.03.40.jpg

Also, if you want the best cleaning products for your car with the best service you will find anyway, check out my friends site:

I only use their stuff on all of our cars, not just the 442. If you have a moment check out their site!


Master Mechanic
Oct 9, 2012
Ocean County, NJ
The other day I ordered the headlight bezels and grilles for the 442 from The ones on the car were pretty worn, I had repainted them several times, and the grille mounts were broken more times than I can recall. It was time - they lived a long life. As usual they were shipped fast and I had them in 2 days. The new parts are a huge upgrade - they really stand out and complete the look of the car.

7 Front NEW.jpg 8 PS NEW.jpg 9 DS NEW.jpg
^^- The New bezels and grilles installed.

1 Old Bezel.jpg 4 Old Bezel DS.jpg 5 Bezels Side by Side.jpg 6 Grilles side by side.jpg
^^ - Old Bezels ^^ - Side by side old and new parts - ^^


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Jul 24, 2009
Socialist NY
Are those repops ?
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