36mm Sway Bar Upgrade.....


Nov 17, 2020
I was able to pick up a 36mm bar a month or so back from a member on the forum. I had it powder coated gloss black. I also got Energy Suspension end links and stock replacement 36mm bushings. (Rock Auto TRW JBU1187 and Mevotech MK6459 are the same USA made bushing). There is not a great option for brackets in this situation except for the custom milled ones from Top Down Solutions which end up being pretty expensive. Rather than just spacing the stock bracket away from the frame I extended them .5''. I also picked up new hardware from GM, P/N 15592554.

I made a little die for my press and stamped the stock profile into a piece of 1/8'' plate. I then cut apart the stock bracket and welded things back together... I still need to do the other side.

Also my 1978 Buick Regal Limited came with a 28mm solid bar that weight 16lbs 9oz. The hollow 36mm bar comes in at 14lbs 7oz.


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Nov 17, 2020
Both complete, just need paint or powder coat. Didn't turn out quite and nice as I had initially thought but should work just fine.


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