BUILD THREAD A Teenager and His Malibu Wagon.

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Jun 18, 2021
North Carolina
I'm so terrible at keeping this up to date.
Back in November my blower fan went out and maybe 3 days later the heater core blew up on my way to school. Re routed my heater hoses to make a loop instead of going through the heater core. Drove it to school and back. Ordered a new one from Rockauto and went to a junkyard and pulled a blower motor from a newer Malibu if I remember correctly.
Rear hatch seal replacement for the wagon guys!
I remember reading somewhere on an old forum post someone was talking about finding a replacement but there was no definitive answer. I can no confirm the rear hatch seal from a 1996-200 Chrysler town& country or a 1996-2000 Dodge caravan will work well on our wagons. I pulled one at the same junkyard I got the blower motor from for like $5. Ripped my original half missing seal off and slapped on the new seal from the minivan. I had to cut maybe 2 feet or so off of the seal but it fits perfectly along the corners and seals well. The channel of the seal that goes over the pinch weld was a little loose in the corners. So I took some pliers and closed up the slot of the seal a little. No leaks at all anymore! If anyone wants pictures let me know.

Back the the heating issues. Put in the new heater core and it was a little smaller than the original for some reason so i used some rubber/foam stuff to fill up the gaps. Used butyl sealing strip along the box to replace the old dried out seal. Painted the blower motor I got from the junkyard and put it all back together. Works great again.


Got a good deal on a K&N open element filter for $25, so had to pick that up.For Christmas my parents got me some new taillights and for my birthday in January they got me a black 100% dash cover! The taillights look so much better and I haven't decided if I want to pull the dash out to put on the dash cap or leave it in.
Ill make another post this week If I can remember about my new transmission and rear end.
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May 23, 2022
SW Arizona
Good to know about the seal working. Very difficult to find proper weather strip for the 80's cars.

Stance is really nice, good looking project.
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