anyone ever hear 8 into 1 headers in person or know info about.



G-Body Guru
Nov 22, 2011
As I said before ,this was a research project right now trying to find out more info. Well something else new popped up on an old thread on LS1 tech. Someone with an LS powered drift car, which did start out with 8 into 1 headers, came up with something simpler to get that sound. He did true equal length headers in optimum firing order location set up with a 2 into 1 merge immediately after headers, giving a similar effect to the 8 into 1 deal. See post 52 & the video & Instagram link on post 53.

So , possibly I may be able to continue with my tri-y headers I started on & modify the ends to merge together immediately into another 2 into 1 merge. I'll be patient & see what other info pops up on doing things this way.

This is why some of us do extra research before starting a project.

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