Article-"The End of Manual Transmissions"


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Oct 27, 2017
I read that article and it's just sad.

Obviously people are always getting lazier, but with traffic in major metro areas getting worse all the time the automatic makes the commute less painful and since major metros are where they sell the most cars autos will outsell manuals. I've wanted to convert my G-Body into a manual since I got it, it's just the cost is $$$$ holding me back. I have owned mostly manuals in my life, of 20 something vehicles just 4 have been autos (3 were pickup trucks the other being my Cutlass). The kids a decade ago wanting DSG/SMG and Autos over manual always blew my mind, even if your DSG is quicker than a manual down the track; who cares? The manual is more fun almost always other than a city traffic jam.

Things have gotten so bad that not only do teens and 20somethings not know how to shift, some don't even know what a manual is! I read a shocking post by an Uber driver that said a customer left him a bad 1 star review because she said "She felt uncomfortable because he kept playing with the jiggly stick in-between the 2 front seats". Today it's going even further than not wanting or knowing how to shift, the 20 somethings I work with don't even want to DRIVE. They lust after Teslas and other nerd machines that drive themselves or want to get shuttled around via Uber, the bus?!?! (the whole reason I got a job as a kid was to buy a car to never ride a bus again in my life) or an electric bike/scooter.


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Jul 19, 2009
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I always found that a decent exhaust note was utterly destroyed when paired with an automatic.

I went on a business trip in the UK with my boss and two coworkers. The rental car was a manual. I was elected the driver for that trip. Lucky for me that the shift pattern and the clutch pedal were the same, even if I was sitting in the wrong seat. I got all the roundabouts right, though I nearly ate both left side tires on the edge of the pavement a few times.
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Jan 13, 2018
T56 stuff has pretty much peaked right now, they are getting hard to come by but companies are also selling them at a price that isn't far off what some want used beat to crap junk for. Then again that's people. I've saved all the parts from ones I've tore down over the years, that stuff is worth it's weight in gold, helps to replace what I tear up in mine.

My daily driver is a 5spd Honda Civic. The 3 people before me couldn't buy the car because they couldn't drive it.
Those of us who can drive 3 pedals are a dying breed.

Crammed a T56 in my SS back in 2010 when I built it and it's been fun since. 🤘

What type of clutch are you using? I converted my El Camino to Muncie 4 speed and it was fun but I used a Howe Racing hydraulic throw-out bearing that only had 3/4 inch of didn't work well for street driving so I went back to the TH350 with shift kit and B&M Hammer shifter, just to get some manner of shift control. I miss the manual and have even contemplated trying a T56.


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Jun 15, 2012
Florida Beach
JerRol79ElCam you got the quotes messed up but I know what you said.
I have a Monster Stage 3 Clutch in my Cammed 6.0l Setup, I smoked the LS7 Clutch I had. I run an LS 6.0l Engine with a LS T56, the Monster Clutch is not a smooth driving Clutch for take off but it's there when I need it, I'll take it for the durability.


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Jun 14, 2017
Love mine!


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Sep 18, 2009
Queens, NY
How about this? I modified a Firebird center console to fit the Bonnewagon. People think it came from the factory like that. It's a 3:50 first gear Saginaw. IMG_0960.JPG
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Jul 19, 2009
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307 Regal

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Oct 21, 2009
Northern Indiana
At this point I actually feel more worried about normal cars coming to an end and being entirely replaced by crossovers, trucks, and SUVs. At least in America. I often wonder about what I would ever replace my Camry with when it finally dies, but I find myself looking at a very small list when we leave out pony cars or things akin to a Nissan Z. Small coupes like Cobalts, Neons, Cavliers, and Escorts are long gone. As well as the midsize coupes of the late '90s and early '00s (GP, Monte, Accord, Solara). I'm a used car guy, but in my neck of the woods those cars are long in the tooth and very rusty. As for very new cars, I always used to think that I would go for a BRZ, but those are on par with Camaro prices now. (Both of which luckily still offer a stick.)


Dec 3, 2022
It bothers me that you can’t buy a little econo box beater, with manual everything. When I had a decent commute to work that’s what I needed, a bare bones car. In 2013 I got a Nissan Versa new and it took awhile for the dealer to locate one with a manual trans and a crank windows. It’s sad that’s not an option anymore. (I hated that car, sold it after a year and picked up an 80 fox body and suffered on my commute. I had a lot of road side fixes, but I enjoyed every bit of it and learned a lot!)

I’ve swapped 3 of my vehicles from auto to manual. 2 were because the trans crapped out and I wanted the OD in my 3/4 ton. All I can say is my kids will all be comfortable driving a stick before they drive an automatic.

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