AVS2 Install help please


Feb 9, 2021
hey everyone, its been a minute since i posted in here. been doing a ton of work to the car lately. i am in the middle of a new carb install, as the old holley 4160 has completely failed which has made the car feel like it has 97 horsepower to the wheels. My regal is equipped with a 350 sbc, and i got my hands on an edelbrock AVS2 which is sitting on the car with all but ONE hose/line connected thats throwing me off. i have the fuel line connected, the vacuum advance connected to the bottom right port of the carb, the bottom left plugged ( emissions control only ) and my pvc connected, and the brake booster is plugged as mine is connected to the Intake manifold. The problem is, there is another hose that i cant figure out where to connect to. On the old holley pictured below, it was connected to "full manifold vaccum source, connects to air cleaner or air pump diverter valve" and is now just hanging by the new carb. Thanks in advance for the help people. the first picture, the hose directly under the red vacuum advance is the one im talking about. the second picture is the new AVS2 just sitting in the manifold.


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