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Feb 16, 2013
Leominster, Massachusetts
I'm trying to work on some odds and ends on my 1979 Hurst/Olds to get it back on the road soon. I'm looking to replace the 2 hot air choke tubes. My car has a 1969 Olds 350 motor in it with an Edelbrock Performer intake and the correct stock 1979 quadrajet carb. Does anyone know if the hot air choke tubes are the same for all 350 cars from 1968-80? Fusick has replacements for $25 but it only says for 1970-74 350s. If not the same, where can I get some?
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Tubing with plate that bolts to the manifold is GM p/n 412620. Gasket is 382709 superseded to 22547859. Small tubing with fitting is p/n 559344. Long tubing is 419302.

Pretty much fits a slew of 350 and 307 applications with hot air choke and q-jet up through 1988.

Worst case you have to bend the tubing a tad to get it to fit exactly.

This will work.

Gasket: For reference. Don't buy it from here, just go to the auto parts store and get FelPro 72586. They're like 3 bucks at Advance Auto Parts.
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I ordered the ones from Fusick. They're on the way.
From what I saw, those Fusick ones have the clean air tube bent differently than the 79 version. But just use a longer piece of rubber hose and it'll work just fine.

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