GBOTM Congrats injectedcutty! September '19



Comic Book Super Hero
Nov 24, 2014
Louisville, KY
Haven't been keeping up like I'd like to but really glad to open up GBF and see this monster getting recognition. I don't know you personally but my impression is you're a good dude. Your cutty is nasty and you've kept up with my build. Much appreciated and motivational! Kudos dog!
thanks bro! I try to live and treat others how I'd like to be treated, that's a motto of the good book and I'm giving it a valiant effort on the daily!
Very Nice Work ! I love that you Blacked Out all the trim, Very creative . Congratulations on a very nicely done Cutty !!
I'm happy to know the blacked out trim is a win! I completely dig it, and have found a couple cutlass' recently painted on instagram with an almost identical color scheme. I have no proof that they copied it, and obviously it's not original to my car either, but I feel flattered if that's the case.
The original color scheme for my car was a two tone with the charcoal metallic and black on top, with all trim freshly anodized! My bodyguy was scared of the two tone idea, chroming the bumpers and anodizing trim was WAY out of my budget, so the plan changed to all charcoal with black trim. I'm glad too, it looks mean AF, especially at night!
Awesome brother! You deserve it.
Thanks again for the kind words guys! It feels good to hear it, especially when progress is slow like this week with a bunch of life in the way. It gives me the motivation to keep toiling away and get this car "finished" enough to enjoy with the family!
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