OLDS Diesel advice needed 5.7l delta 88


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May 9, 2021
It sat from 1998 until this year when I got it and started getting it back on the road. I have had to replace the rubber fuel lines as most of them were dry rotted and brittle. I was thinking a Vac line, but Ill have to get a guage to check the pressures.

The DrOlds

Sep 5, 2021
Watertown NY
The wagons were the only cars that got the TH350 as far as I can remember (Olds tech from 1980 to 1997.) The passenger cars got the "Metric" TH200 or the downsized 350 (with a second gear band.) Slide under the passenger side and see if there is a vacuum modulator (a can with a hose) .... If not then it's a 200 and the shift timing is by TV (throttle valve) cable only. I also seem to remember if it's a 350 and the kickdown cable (not to be confused with a TV cable) is disconnected it would default to no upshift / late shift.

The cable adjustment (either style) was pretty straightforward .... there is either a pull out release or a tab that is depressed at the throttle end. Pull the cable all the way away from the throttle end (removing all slack.) Then go in the vehicle and depress the throttle pedal to the floor and the cable will reset to the proper position.

The vacuum pumps failed on the 5.7 fairly often. Remove the hose at the pump and install a vacuum gauge (it will bounce a lot but should make around 20" of vacuum.


Nov 15, 2019
Ok, so after extensive work, I got the car to run for a bit. When i backed out of the garage to do a three point turn it died, and hasn run since. I have gotten it to run for about 5 to 10 seconds at a time, then it dies and nothing. Any ideas? Installed new lifter pump and filters, blead everything out extensively.
Check on the rear-end side. Fuel tank, Hoses, etc. Might be sucking air?

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