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Buford T. JuSStice

Buford T. JuSStice

Master Mechanic
Aug 16, 2010
Nah, it shouldn't be that hard. I already got the Well Nuts coming in from a dealer supply guy who works with Au-ve-co.

If I can't find Oval Heads in M6x1.0 at the proper length (the longer ones don't need to have a shank, they just need to be the proper length) then I can probably get away with using standard flat-head screws. The most important thing is to have the cone shape bottom to the screw head so it fits into the convex well on the roof rack. Unless you're doing a full restoration and that's a detail you don't want to overlook, it functionally won't be any different from than an oval head. Flat heads are a lot more common since they're cheaper to produce so some hardware store out there's gonna have them.
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