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sooooo it looks like I have similar blower issues going on with this car same as the cutlass now. one thing at a time I suppose. I think the heater control valve may be stuck open also, or at least its dumping hot air where it shouldn't be. Or both. Probably both. This is relatively minor and I can handle it. Didn't win any trophies today, didn't expect to, either. HAFROD they completely ditched the judging after the hot mess last year and went to a participant voted system. Handed out like 6,000 plaques (except to here) and only a couple trophies. But who does this to win, right?

A few pix in this thread:

Actually had a few people talk to me about the car. "I had an '82" etc. A couple stories of flying t-tops, the obligatory derision because it wasn't made before 1972, "grandma's car", and at least two or three (that I heard) "monte carlo" comments.
Wonder if I can retro a set on my 87?? Hmmmmm

Since you've fabbed up plenty of things on your car, this would be no sweat, most likely. TBH, I've never seen how your existing torsion bar brackets are attached whether spotwelded or partially stamped in there, etc., but most likely spot welded. You could remove that and install a set of lift cylinders without much issue at this juncture. My only concern with that is...eventually at least one or both cylinders will give up the ghost, and it looks like it might be somewhat of a PITA to change. But what do I know. I'm keeping my torsion bar setups because they'll NEVER wear out.
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soooooo I figure I'll go out there and see if I can figure out why the climate control/blower stuff isn't working. Crank it over to start it. crank crank crank.

stops silent. I realize there's no power to the entire car. Battery is fine. Apparently I burned a fusible link or something starting it. WTF. Needless to say I just walked away.

Sigh. :mad:

now you know why my "bargain" exhaust is half finished, and on it's 4th week of being unfinished.......:blam:
replaced the links and she starts back up all well and good. Had to put different ring terminals on the ends bc the new ones had tiny rings on them.... And I guess I magically fixed the blower issues because I have air at the vents, switches between heater/vent to the right locations and I can hear and feel the blend door moving. Sooooo yeah I don't know. Maybe the harness to the blower motor is flaky and I boogered it back into the right place. I dunno.

Pro-tip if I haven't mentioned this before. The starter heat shield bolt is way up in there, but with a long extension and a universal you can get it from the wheel well. Once you actually get the bolt started that is. If you have a 2nd set of hands to hold the shield up in place while you get the bolt in that would be the most ideal solution.

It's raining and I didn't feel like cleaning water spots, so when it stops I will swap positions with Betty and get this one covered up for the winter.
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