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Master Mechanic
Dec 29, 2010
New River, Arizona
Got an idea from a post on this site wondering if there was a Photo Reference Library. I think there should be and as such I will begin what I hope will be a long running and valuable thread.

In the interest of space, specifically for those trying to search the thread, I’d prefer to keep the chat to a minimum. If you have a photo of a bona-fide original fastener or component, or maybe even an array of components in their original setting and factory configuration, let’s see them. Ideally, we would show a photo of the location and then a photo of the specific component. I don’t have site editing capabilities nor am I sure I really want to be that particular. I just know that on numerous occasions throughout my build process, I have sought out what the original fasteners looked like and what the original orientation of components looked like. Hopefully this will help some of us with less than perfect memory. …

Keep in mind that General Motors had and has numerous suppliers making the same hardware and components. This is why you will see slight variations to the hardware, more specifically, the head markings. It’s not uncommon to find numerous different head markings on the hardware from a single vehicle. One nearly empty box gets emptied into the next box and so on.

There are also build variations from plant to plant. Usually they’re subtle enough that no one ever notices however they can and will be found on vehicles manufactured in different plants. Anyone that thinks otherwise has never worked in an automobile assembly plant.

It’s not as common these days but back when these cars were built, keeping the line moving was the number one assignment for management. This is why you will find morphidite variations of option content with no real explanation of why or what for.

The reason I've stated all the above is because I don't want this to turn into a pissing contest of who's right or wrong between high testosterone individuals. If there's a glaring error, send me, or whomever posted the error a PM so we can resolve it. Lets try to argue about it on a different post. ...


F41 Bars To Frame Hardware

F41 Rear Trailing Arm Stabilizer Shaft Spacer and Shim

Front Stabilizer Bar End Link Hardware

Front Shock Hardware (Four Bolts and Four U-Nuts Required)

Rear Shock Hardware

Transmission Cushion Retainer and Support

Transmission Crossmember Hardware

Front Disc Brake Inspection Shield Hardware (Three Bolts Required Per Side)

Brake Proportioning Valve Hardware

Chassis Brake and Fuel Line retention Hardware

Driveshaft To Rear Differential Hardware

Steering Intermediate Shaft Hardware

Steering Gear to Chassis Hardware

Monte SS Rear Dual Exhaust Frame Hanger Bracket


1978 El Camino / Malibu Wagon Taillight Lenses

1979 - 1983 Malibu Wagon / 1979 - 1987 El Camino Taillight Lenses

78-87 Malibu Wagon / El Camino Rear Side Marker Lamps

1978 - 1983 Malibu Wagon Rear Glass Handle

G-Body Footwell Floor Plug

78-87 Door Handle / Outside Rear View Mirror Retention Nuts

Fender Mounting Hardware

Inner Fender Skirt To Fender Hardware

Body Mount Spacer – Position 5

Body Cushion (mounts) Map

Master Cylinder to Booster Lock Nuts

Door Hinge To Body and Door To Door Hinge Hardware

Door Lock Cylinder To Door Skin Retainer

Door Latch to Door Screws

Door Inner Rain Shield – Two Door

Power Window Regulator To Door Hardware

OEM Driveshaft Loop To Body Hardware

Front Fuel Tank Strap Hardware

Rear Fuel Tank Strap Hardware

Front Air Dam Hardware

Fuel Fill Door To Body Hardware

78-87 Malibu Wagon / El Camino Fuel Door Bumpers


Hood Latch To Core Support Hardware


Hood Hinge Hardware

Hood To Hood Hinge Stabilizer Hardware

Hood To Hood Hinge Hardware

Windshield Wiper Motor To Body Hardware

Windshield Wiper Transmission Assembly

Windshield Wiper Transmission To Body Hardware

Windshield Washer Nozzle Hardware

Windshield Wiper Arm Rest Platforms and Glass Stops

Power Antenna to Fender Retainer Nut

Fixed Antenna to Fender Retainer Nut

Malibu Wagon / El Camino Tailgate Latch, Right

Malibu Wagon / El Camino Tailgate Latch, Left

Malibu Wagon / El Camino Tailgate Cable and Hardware, Left

G-Body Door Striker Shims

Power Trunk Solenoid, Switch And Latch Assembly

Trunk Light

Coupe / Sedan Trunk Latch and Hardware

Deck Lid to Hinge Bolts

78-79 Malibu Deck Lid Cushions

Bumper Reinforcement (back iron) To Front Bumper Hardware

Rear License Plate Light

Sunroof Manual Override Tools


Seat To Seat Track / Adjuster Mounting Hardware

Seat Track To Floor Hardware

Seat Track Covers

Arm Rest To Door Panel Hardware

Sun Visor Adjustment Hardware

Dash Install Hardware

Air Deflector Vent Seal

Tach Filter Harness

Cluster Connector With Tach

Tach Wiring

Ash Tray Carrier Hardware

Ash Tray Carrier

Rear Coat Hooks And Hardware

Horn Retaining Screws and Insulator

Interior Door Pull Strap Hardware

Door Sill Plate To Body Hardware

Glove Box Latch Hardware

Glove Box Install Hardware

Glove Box Lamp Assembly

Manual Transmission Floor Shifter Trim

HVAC Control With A/C

HVAC Control To Dash Hardware

Late Grand Am/Early Lemans - Grand Prix Instrument Cluster Bezel

Radio To Dash Mount Bracket

78-84 OE Radio Dash Mount

Under Dash Footwell Lamp And Hardware – Passenger Side

Rear Power Latch Release Switch

Brake Clutch Pedal To Body Hardware

Steering Column To Body Hardware

Steering Column to Firewall Interior Seal

Interior Park Brake Pedal To Body Hardware

Coupe Headliner Retainers and Hardware

78-87 Power Window Switch Retainer

Engine Room

Fan Shroud Hardware

Coolant Bottle Hardware

Windshield Washer Bottle Hardware

Heater Blower Box To Body Hardware

Blower Motor To Blower Box Hardware

Fuel Vapor Canister To Body Hardware


Flywheel Inspection Cover Hardware

Lower Motor Mount To Frame Hardware

Upper Motor Mount To Engine Block Hardware

Upper To Lower Motor Mount Connection Hardware

Small Block Fuel Pump To Block Hardware

Rochester Quadrajet to Intake Manifold Hardware

Quadrajet Four Barrel Accelerator Cable Bracket

Under Hood Lamp


G-Body Bellhousing 462606 78-81 - Front

G-Body Bellhousing 462606 78-81 - Rear

Scott, ... :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 8)
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Apr 25, 2009
Standard (small) front swaybar bracket and bolt on the left. F41 (large) bracket and bolt on the right.

Note small head needed for clearance next to bracket.
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May 14, 2013
Hardtop vs. Vinyl window pics

How about someone posting vinyl and non-vinyl Cutty windows along with the vinyl and non vinyl rear window pieces as they look removed from the car. Is the rubber seal/trim for the non viny actually part of the window or is it a separate seal that can be added to a vinyl window? Also, what is a fair price to pay salvage quality for each of these pieces?

mr evil

Aug 4, 2009
Sooke, BC, Canada
procircuit said:
Genius thread, helped refresh my mind after a year since disassembly!


Agreed, an asset for those of us who are 'organizationally challenged'.

Now, how does all that sh*t go back in again? :lol:
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Nov 12, 2013

Spacer and shims?
No wonder mine are so loose in there. I bought mine from someone and I didn't get the shims.
Do you know the part number for them?
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