MONTE CARLO High Idle won't kick down


May 9, 2020
Great info....thanks.

Front pull-off checks good. I noticed that the electrical connector to the choke was not totally on......don't know when that was knocked loose. Also the hose from the air cleaner (heat riser flap) was off the carb....again not sure when that happened. Gave the linkage a super good cleaning. Test drive went great. It's a little cool here today and the choke worked as it should. So not sure what the issue was but it seems resolved for now.

Interesting information on the carb. I am the original owner of the car. This puppy was my daily driver for 20 has 260,000 miles on it, but it looks really nice. I did replace the engine at about 230,000....went with a 350 (retrospectively I wish I'd rebuilt the L69 but too late now). The guy who did the swap rebuilt the carb, but he never could get it running quite right. I brought the car to another fellow who was more of a "carb" mechanic (he had a business card with "Mister Carburetor" on it :ROFLMAO:. I remember he told me that something was missing on my carb and that he had an extra and put it on it. I didn't think too much of it at the time....was just glad it was running good again. So maybe that solves that mystery?...Is the later carb compatible with that rear choke and Mr. Carburetor added it? I'll check the number on the carb when I get the chance to confirm.

Thanks to really does help....and I'm getting to know my way around the car better which is fun.
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